Faculty Benefits Committee

Monday, August 30, 2010

8:30 – 10:00 AM, OHR Conference Room


Present:   Bettina Cothran ,Wayne Book, Richard Dagenhart,  Dave Millard,  Sharon Ray, Barry Sharp, Teresa Snow.

Absent:   Student Member.


Bettina Cothran was selected by the committee to serve as chair.

Bettina Cothran then appointed Teresa Snow to serve as secretary.

Minutes from 5/3/10 were reviewed and approved.

Update on members:  Student member has been chosen by SGA.  He could not be present today, but will join us for the reminder of the meetings.



Sharon Ray :  2011 Benefits Changes

There will be a voluntary network option for PPO and HSA PPO.  The voluntary network will be more narrow.  Those who elect this network will pay a lower rate.


HSA will again be seeded.  The amount ($375 individual/ $750 family) will be ˝ the amount seeded in 2010.


A tobacco surcharge of $50 will be implemented by BOR.  The details for administration are not out yet.  Employees will probably have to sign an affidavit stating that they are a non-smoker.


Medco is adding $5 to co-pay for PPO plans.  They will also be distributing coupons to encourage employees to switch to generic meds.


Wellness Programs—have been left up to Universities.  We want to promote wellness at GT.  Sharon Ray and Teresa Snow (along with wellness center and CRC reps) met with group from BCBC 360 health program and discussed offerings.  Additional meetings are planned. 

Action Item—Further updates will be made as they become available.


Last year a Medicare Part B surcharge was instituted for eligible retirees who did not sign up during the initial enrollment period.  We want to encourage retirees to sign up after they become eligible.  If they don’t, they could end up paying 100% of cost of health care coverage.


Donated sick leave program will be introduced and be part of open enrollment this year.

Action Item—Sharon will e-mail copy of approved final policy to FBC.

There may be a FSA vendor change from Ceridian to US Bank.  There is a push to move payroll system to ADP from Peoplesoft.  If this occurs, changes may be made at that time.


Healthcare Premium Increases for 2010:

PPO and HSA PPO –9.7%

PPO and HSA PPO Alternate (voluntary) network—rates same as 2010

BlueChoice HMO –9.7%

Kaiser HMO –8.3%

BOR Metlife Dental –9%


Federal Health Care Legislation—Medical plans required to carry dependents up to age of 26 (Can even by married and not living at home if they have no other options for benefits).

Also, the lifetime maximum amount for coverage will be removed from policies.


Open enrollment will take place from Oct 25-Nov 19.

Benefits fair will be held Nov 3  (date is later this year to ensure that all employees receive enrollment packets and have adequate time to look over them)

All enrollment changes will go into effect Jan 1.



Bettina Cothran:  Potential Change in FBC Committee Structure


Bettina Cothran spoke to Ron Bohlander about a possible reconfiguration of the FBC to include staff representation.  He was very receptive to idea.


A larger board would also be desirable as it would provide a larger base for various sub committees. 


Currently there are 5 members of General Faculty.  FBC committee decided they should explore the possibility of adding 4 staff members.


Action Item—Bettina Cothran will speak to Ron Bohlander regarding voting process.  Sharon Ray will examine FBC description/ responsibilities and update language to better represent committee’s role.



New Business


Bettina Cothran brought up the suggestion that the FBC committee should make a regular presentation once per semester to the executive board to update them on items the FBC is working on.  Other members agreed this would be beneficial.


Annual Report to General Faculty Assembly is coming up. 

Action Item—Bettina Cothran will compile and circulate report to FBC for review.



Old Business

Maternity Benefits still a concern.  Since short term disability was decreased from 30 to 14 days, this issue has been improved, but still should be considered in future.


Child Care Center—Considered a special project.  Chuck Donbaugh is still involved with project. FBC would like to have an update on status as soon as it is available.


Sick Leave Monitoring—With donated leave program beginning Jan 1st, there will be a need to have an accurate method of keeping track of sick/vacation hours.  Sharon Ray stated that plans are in place to move to electronic records. 

Action Item—Sharon Ray will check on progress and update committee at a later meeting.


Schedule of FBC Meetings for Fall Semester

Monday, September 20, 8:30 – 10:00

Monday, October 11, 8:30 – 10:00

Monday, November 15, 8:30 - 10.00


All meetings will take place in the OHR conference room unless otherwise specified.