Faculty Benefits Committee Meeting

Monday, Feb.7, 2011 8:25 – 9:55 AM


Present:   Bettina Cothran (Chair), Wayne Book, Richard Dagenhart, Dave Millard, Sharon Ray, Barry Sharp, Teresa Snow

Visitors: Chuck Donbaugh and Dana Randall

New Members representing Staff:  Amy Heron, Debbie Lee & Tommy Little.


Absent (excused):   Vytautas Valencius (Student Rep.)




New FBC Staff Representatives were introduced and welcomed to the committee.


Minutes from 11/15/11 were reviewed and approved.


Sharon Ray introduced Scott Morris, the new AVP of Human Resources to the Benefits Committee.  Mr. Morris started his position Jan. 3rd.  Mr. Morris greeted the Committee and gave everyone his contact information, saying he would be happy to help the FBC with initiatives as needed.



Chuck Donbaugh and Dana Randall:  Update on Dependent Care


Currently the R. Kirk Landon Learning Center is the primary GT facility for childcare.  The childcare center is designed for 120 children from six weeks in age to preschool. Eighty-five percent of the spaces are reserved for Georgia Tech employees and students (15% are for community use with priority given to Home Park residents).  This center has a long waiting list and cannot meet the total current, much less the anticipated  need for childcare.

The Institute has given the green light for fundraising efforts for a second campus childcare facility that could be located in the existing Married and Family Housing complex on Tenth Street (see letter  to the FBC by Gary Schuster).  However, the timeline for the facility is very dependent upon private philanthropic interest, and to-date no funding source has been identified.  Estimated costs would be approximately $1.2 million.

Three other options are being considered to help mitigate immediate need:

(1) Chuck Donbaugh has met with the owners (law firm of Kilpatrick/Stockton and Smith, Gambrel & Russell) of Bright Beginnings Center on W. Peachtree.  The center has excess capacity and there is potential for a partnership. However, so far an agreement has not been reached.  The owners currently want a GT contribution of  ~$700,000 to cover their costs.

(2) School Closing ‘Day Camps’— While not on the same tier as the permanent daycare center, these  camps would be intended provide employees the opportunity to enroll their children in employer sponsored activity programs during select periods/ days of primary school closings that fall outside GT official holidays.  GT would provide space, program planning and structure, and parents would offset operational costs through tuition fees. 

(3) Dependent Care ‘Backup’ Option—Service would help employees in cases of emergency when their regular care is not available.  Employees would have a set number of days per year that they could access this program in emergency situations.  Care could be either drop-off or in home.  There is a group in Atlanta that currently offers this service.


Sharon Ray stated that CHOA had a resource guide for their employees that listed community children’s camps.  She would try to get more information regarding it.

Tommy Little stressed that affordability is a key issue and that any services provided should be a viable option for all employees.

Dave Millard asked if the FBC could get a comparison chart outlining the specifics of all of the options.

Action Items—Sharon Ray will send the FBC more information comparing the different options.  Further updates will be provided as soon as they become available.



Sharon Ray:  Investment Committee Meeting


The Investment Committee for the 403(b) plan met to review investment results with Fidelity in October and TIAA-CREF in December.  An investment policy is now needed and currently in the process of being developed.


Action Item—Further updates will be provided as they become available.


Sharon Ray:  Donated Sick Leave Update


During open enrollment, 197 people donated more than 5400 hours. 

Teresa Snow and Dr. John Scuderi are currently serving on the donated leave review committee. 

So far, there have been 2 applicants for donated leave. Other potential applicants have been made aware of this service.


Action Item—Further updates will be provided as they become available.


Sharon Ray:  US Bank


US Bank has been the administrator of the HSA account for the HDLP.  This year, the Flex Spending account administration was also moved from Ceridian to US Bank.


Flex spending account users now have debit cards for purchases like HSA.  However, you can no longer buy OTC medications with pre-tax dollars, due to a change in legislation that applies to both Flex and HSA accounts.


A question was asked about cards for children/spouses.  Sharon stated that you can go online and request new cards in their name if they are on the account.





Upcoming FBC Meetings for Spring Semester

Meetings will occur in the OHR Conference Rm (220) from 8:25-9:55 on the following dates:


Monday, March 7th

Monday, April 4th

Monday, May 2nd