Faculty Benefits Committee Annual Report

Sept. 2012 – Sept 2013


Committee Members: Bettina Cothran (Mod Lang) Chair [until August 2013]; Stella Richardson (Library); Jason Freeman (Music) [Chair, starting Aug. 2013]; Nazia  Zakir (Executive Board Liaison); Dave Millard (GTRI);Darlene Wright (Director of Benefits); Teresa Snow (Applied Physiology); Amy Laviers (Stud. Rep.); Scott Morris (OHR), ex officio  member

Appointed Staff members as of October 2010 and continuing in office:  Amy Herron (Controller's Office); Debbie Lee (OIT -Resource Management); Tommy Little (Facilities);

Appointed Retiree Representative:  Wayne Book (ME)


The Faculty Benefits Committee had an active year focusing on some significant initiatives. In the following are some highlights:


The FBC had identified issues related to employee health and well-being which were taken up by the newly formed Family Friendly Task Force. This committee included Bettina Cothran and  Darlene Wright from the FBC. It has completed its report and made recommendations related to work/life balance in a comprehensive way, including topics such as camaraderie on campus, volunteering, healthy living, financial security, maternity leave, research leave for faculty and other forms of leave, transitioning into retirement, etc.

Concerning FMLA [Family and Medical Leave Act] related leaves, the FBC recommends a campus-wide review of current practice, resulting in recommendations of uniform administration of the FMLA leave.

The FBC was pleased to hear about HR’s restructuring plans, especially about the addition of a Senior Benefits Specialist for Retirement Issues.

The FBC continued to be concerned about the prolonged period of no raises for faculty and staff, as well as the effects of salary compression.


Child Care issues, specifically staffing, availability, and affordable cost of childcare continue to be high on the FBC’s agenda.


The FBC has operated in an expanded version these past years, including three representatives of Staff and one Retiree representative.  The FBC recommends that these additions be made permanent, and that consideration be given to further broaden opportunities for staff representation.