Faculty Benefits Committee

Minutes/Meeting of February 23, 2000


Members Present: Marc Goetschalckx (ISyE); James Higgins (GTRI-ATAS); Jackie McGill (GTRI-ITTL); Rajiv Wanasundera (Grad Stu); Marilyn Williamson (Library)

Ex-Officio Members: Chuck Donbaugh (OHR); John Grovenstein (OHR); Nile Hartman (GTRI-EOEML)

Advisor: W. Blair Funderburk

Minutes: Judy Parks (GTRI-ATAS)


Jim Higgins called the meeting to order at 10:10 AM. He then went over the minutes from the last meeting held on November 8, 1999. The issue of parking as a pre-tax expense was discussed. Due to recent changes, parking costs will be offered as a pre-tax deduction starting in the fall. The minutes from the November 8th meeting erroneously stated that parking expenses were not an allowable pretax deduction. To eliminate future confusion, the erroneous reference will be struck from the previous minutes.

  1. The following issues were identified and discussed by all:

a). Potential merger with the State Merit System health insurance

b). Academic 9 Month vs. 12 Month Contracts

c). Parking

d). Childcare

Helped update the heating system with an emergency allocation of funds

Sign a long term lease for their facility

Funding an architectural study to refurbish the exterior of the facility

Is looked into a management company to take over the facility

Would like to bring the capacity up to 120 children

The Foundation signed another one year agreement with the emergency childcare services downtown

e). Voluntary Insurance Benefits

f). Retirement Plans

g). Benefits for Domestic Partners

h). Tax Deferred Annuities

2. A motion to adjourn was made a seconded. The motion was passed and the meeting adjourned at approximately 12:05 p.m.