Faculty Benefits Committee Annual Report

Sept. 2010 Sept 2011


Committee Members: Bettina Cothran (Mod Lang) Chair; Wayne Book (ME) [Sept 2010 -  May 2011; Stella Richardson (Library) [starting August 2011]; Richard Dagenhart (Arch); Dave Millard(GTRI), Executive Board Liaison;  Sharon Ray (Director of Benefits) [until May 2010]; Darlene White (Director of Benefits)[starting August 2011]; Barry Sharp (GTRI); Teresa Snow (Applied Physiology);Vytautis Valencius (Stud. Rep.) [until May 2010]; Amy Laviers (Stud. Rep.); Scott Morris ( OHR), ex officio  member

Appointed Staff members as of October 2010:  Amy Herron (Controller's Office); Debbie Lee (OIT -Resource Management); Tommy Little (Facilities)

Appointed Retiree Representative as of August 2011:  Wayne Book


Child Care:  During the past year, three initiatives regarding child care were championed by the FBC.

The FBC continues to support the second child care center, which was approved by Interim President Gary Schuster, but was not implemented due to current financial constraints.  However, other child care opportunities have been pursued. As of August 2011, the "Tech Wreck Break Camp" has been implemented, operated by the GT Campus Recreation Center. Currently, the camp offers an opportunity for parents to place their children in day camps during 3 holiday breaks which do not coincide with GT official holidays: Thanksgiving Break Week, Winter Break, and President's Day, for a fee of $40 camper/day.  A task force including Marita Sullivan and Jennifer Herazy was instrumental in getting the camp in place.  A plan for Back-Up Dependent Care (children or adults) was presented by Chuck Donbaugh and Dana Randall.  This effort is under current discussion.

Staff and Retiree Representation on the FBC:  Benefits falling under the purview of the FBC affect staff, and sometimes retirees, in addition to faculty.  It was therefore determined to include staff and retiree representation on the FBC.  Sharon Ray spearheaded this effort, which resulted in adding three members representing staff, as of October 2010, and one member representing retirees, as of August 2011.  These members are appointed for a period of one year, with re-appointment possible, until another modus will supersede this model.

Investment Committee:  An Investment Committee for the 403(b) was formed.  It reviewed fund performance and fund options for Fidelity and TIAA-CREF.

Donated Leave (excluding GTRI): This new benefit has worked well in its first year, with 197 employees donating a total of 5,462 hours. 7 employees out of a total of 9 applicants have been approved to receive donated hours.  (GTRI has had its own program for a few years and will continue to administer it separately.)

New Banking Benefits: New benefits were under discussion during the past year and will be rolled out during the upcoming open enrollment. These include services such as mortgage programs, and employee discounts.