Faculty Benefits Committee Meeting

Minutes, April 28, 2004

3:30 – 5:00


The following committee members were present: Dale Atkins, Michael Chang, Chuck Donbaugh, Michael Elliott, Blair Funderburk, Marc Goetschalckx, John Grovenstein, and Gayle Warren.


Sabbatical Leave Policy

Sabbaticals raise a series of issues that would need to be addressed before a sabbatical policy could be created at Georgia Tech. These include:

§         Value to faculty: what valued do sabbaticals have for Tech? What value is created? How important is a sabbatical to current faculty? To faculty recruitment? To connection to colleagues at other institutions?

§         Fit with existing faculty work load policies: How would a sabbatical fit into current work load policies, including course load, advisement, research and scholarship, administration, and service?

§         Priorities: Who would receive priority for sabbatical leave? Untenured or tenured faculty? Individuals who generate considerable overhead or shared equally? Committee members have misgivings about creating a two tiered system.

§         How would sabbaticals be funded? Increase in pool rate for sponsored research overhead? School units through absorption of released person’s work load internally?

The Committee members feel a useful first step is to create a policy system that supports the use of sabbaticals and sets forth criteria, with some mechanisms for at least partial funding. We will focus on these policy supports and getting Georgia Tech to take a clearer stand on this issue.

Currently, Georgia Tech employs other institutional arrangements to allow for sabbatical-like leaves. In particular, Interagency Personnel Agreement are reasonably common. How do these work?

We need to talk to informed individuals (e.g., Narl Davidson and Dean Don Giddens) about existing arrangements. Also, what policies are used by other universities?

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be scheduled upon return of faculty in August.