Highlights from Faculty Benefits Committee Meeting Minutes



CUPA Survey

The College and University Personnel Association (CUPA) will be performing a college survey on all benefits in the near future.  They have completed their salary survey, which will be presented to the Committee.  The quality and cost effectiveness of the CUPA survey make it a more desirable option than one performed by a Georgia Tech committee.


Classified Employee Salaries

Georgia Tech FY 2001 Compensation Structure Competitive Analysis Summary, which analyzes classified employee salaries indicates that in general, GT salaries are competitive.  The committee will receive the FY 2002 summary when it is available.


Alternate Dental Plan

Blair Funderburk of Brown and Brown Insurance performed a survey of alternate dental plans.   While a majority of those employees insured with OHS (which is now a part of CompDent) are satisfied, there have been complaints about access to an in-network dentist not being readily available.  The Committee elected to add CompDent’s PPO dental plan in conjunction with the current OHS plan.  The advantage of the PPO plan is a larger provider network than our OHS plan offers for in network dental services, plus a 100/70/50 reimbursement schedule.  Out of network benefits allow you to go to any dentist of your choice and your reimbursement will be 100/70/50 of the negotiated in network schedule.


Benefits Open Enrollment

Human Resources plans on having on-line benefits open enrollment for year 2003-2004.


Domestic Partner Benefits

A committee has been formed at Georgia Tech to study domestic partner benefits.  Randy Norris from Legal Affairs will offer legal advice to the committee.  Currently, Georgia Tech does not discriminate in employment practices, but some people feel it does discriminate in providing benefits.  Since the BOR controls our benefits, other avenues for offering some sort of benefit are being explored.  The city of Atlanta has a program for domestic partner benefits; perhaps GT might hook up with them.   Benefits that are 100% employee-paid might be offered.  


College Education Savings Plan

The College Education Savings Plan (529) will be available to Georgia Tech employees in the Fall of 2002.