Faculty Benefits Committee AY 2007-2008

Annual Report


Committee Members: Dale Atkins (AE)*, Michael Chang (Chair, EAS)*, Bettina Cothran (Mod Lang), Chuck Donbaugh (OHR), Jean Hudgins (LIB)*, Lee Sheiner (GTRI)**, Matt McDowell (Student)*, and Leanne West (GT Exec. Board & GTRI)*;

Clint Demetriou – Head of Total Compensation, joined GT and the Committee as of August 07;

John Grovenstein   was succeeded by Sharon Ray in August 08;


*These committee members retired from the FBC at the end of the school year, May 2008. They were replaced by Wayne J.Book , Barbara Henry, Barry Sharp and Teresa Snow; there is presently no student representative.

**Lee Sheiner is now listed under her married name of Lee Montana.


The committee  met on a  monthly schedule except for the summer semester.


Changes to  403(b): discussion and planning surrounding the IRS mandated changes to 403(b) plans dominated the meetings since January of 07.  The FBC chair was made a member of a newly formed subcommittee whose task was to advise OHR on choices of vendors and procedures, including a PR campaign.

The Committee also  recommended that OHR implement and make available as soon as practical the Roth 403(b) plan option for all qualified employees. The Roth 403(b) investment plan option was made open to all qualified employees in the Spring of 2007.

Changes in Health Care Coverage; HSA: upcoming changes in the health care coverage were a dominant topic for much of the year; the FBC recommended  that OHR engage in a thorough information and education campaign to inform about such changes as the High Deductable Health Plan option.

Child Care Center: at the beginning of the year this item, high on the FBC’s priority list, looked very promising. Various meetings including representatives from the Counseling Center, the Women’s Center and others, with GT Interim President Gary Schuster resulted in the Institute’s commitment to include a second child care center on its list of projects to be funded.  The current fiscal crisis has temporarily put this endeavor on hold.

Long Term Care: this is still on the agenda as a desirable insurance option for GT employees. The FBC received updates on the successful initial offering of this kind of insurance at GSU.

Domestic Partner Benefits: continues to be a topic on the agenda. Developments  at other institutions and the Georgia Legislature are closely watched.

Improvements on OHR website: the FBC recommended  various changes on the OHR website for easier navigation, which were implemented.