Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 3:00 pm

Poole Board Room, Wardlaw Center




  1. Call to order – Prof. Rob Butera, Chair
  2. Notes for the meeting on April 8, 2014 are provided for comment.  As there was no quorum, no vote is needed.  – Prof. Butera
  3. Introduction of new student leaders when available.
  4. Introductory remarks by President Peterson and Provost Bras
  5. Establishment of first formal lists of Academic and Research Faculty positions (see Draft Lists). Note also proposed appeal process.
    – Dr. Ron Bohlander (Secretary), President Peterson, and Provost Bras. 
  6. Institute Policy Library status report and process update – Tiffany Watson, Policy Specialist, and Pat McKenna, VP Legal Affairs and Risk Management
  7. Information about and discussion of the Email, Calendaring and Contacts Transition project – Mr. Herb Baines, Deputy CIO for OIT
  8. Proposed Calendar for 2014-15 Faculty meetings.  See also in context of other calendar items. – Dr. Ron Bohlander, Secretary
  9. Appointment of Prof. Hayriye Ayhan (ISyE) to fill an unexpired term (June 6, 2014 – August 2016) on the Institute Graduate Curriculum Committee left by the resignation from the committee of Prof. Paul Kvam (ISyE)
  10. Poll of Liaisons and Representatives to Standing Committees, Task Forces, and USG Faculty Council – Prof. Butera
  11. Any other business




Ronald A. Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

May 20, 2014
With Update of a presentation link for item 7:  May 21, 2014