Tuesday, August 28, 2012, 3:00 pm

Poole Board Room, Wardlaw Center




  1. Call to order – Mr. Chris D’Urbano, Chair
  2. Introductions of new Board members and appreciation to those retiring from the Board – Mr. D’Urbano
  3. Introductory remarks by President Peterson and by Provost Bras
  4. Presentations from student leaders concerning their top priorities in the year ahead, for which they would appreciate faculty support
    – Mike Kirka, Graduate Student Body President, and Eran Mordel, Undergraduate Student Body President.
  5. Classroom Honor Challenge and Covenant – Ms. Jennifer Herazy, Assistant Provost.
  6. Appointment of Prof. Paul Kvam (ISyE) to serve on the Graduate Curriculum Committee representing the College of Engineering, from now through August 2013.  This is to fill the unexpired term of Prof. Rob Butera who has been elected to the Executive Board and must step down from standing committees.
    – Prof. Andrew Lyon, Vice-Chair.
  7. Appointment (or reappointment) of Georgia Tech’s representative to the University System of Georgia Faculty Council (and ex officio on the Board of Directors) – Mr. D’Urbano
  8. Discussion of possible candidates for appointment as the staff representative to the Executive Board – Ms. Monique Tavares
  9. Poll of Board Liaisons, Brief Review of the 2011-12 Executive Board sessions, and pointers to the year ahead – Mr. D’Urbano
  10. Introduction of candidates for Chair and Vice-Chair of the Executive Board - Dr. Bohlander, Secretary
  11. Any other business.


Reception following in Gordy Room



Ronald A. Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

August 20, 2012


Links to read ahead material supplied as available):