Tuesday, August 24, 2004, 3:00 pm

Poole Board Room, Wardlaw Center





  1. Introductory remarks. (President)
  2. Approval of Executive Board meeting minutes of June 15, 2004. [Attachment 1]
  3. Overview of the SACS Compliance Report. (Hoey) [Attachment 3]
  4. Overview of the SACS Quality Enhancement Plan. (Lohmann)
  5. Proposed Faculty Handbook Revisions Dealing with Faculty Governance of Athletics. (Bohlander) [Attachments 4 & 5]
  6. Agenda for the September 14th Combined Meeting of the General Faculty Assembly and Academic Senate and Called Meeting of the General Faculty. (Kahn) [Attachment 2]
  7. Procedure for Election of the Chair and Vice-Chair for the year. (Kahn)
  8. Committee Liaison duties. (Abdel-Khalik)
  9. Any Other Business.
  10. Adjournment (no later than 4:30) for reception in the Gordy Room.



Said Abdel-Khalik

Secretary of the Faculty

August 23, 2004


Attachments to be included with Meeting Agenda:


  1. Minutes of the EB meeting of June 15, 2004.
  2. Proposed Agenda for September 14th Called meeting of the General Faculty combined with meeting of the Academic Senate and General Faculty Assembly
  3. SACS Reaffirmation -- Compliance Report and QEP (Presentation by Joseph Hoey and Jack Lohmann)
  4. New Entry in Faculty Handbook Covering Intercollegiate Athletics Governance (Presentation by Ron Bohlander).
  5. Proposed New Section in Faculty Handbook dealing with Intercollegiate Athletics Governance