Welfare and Security Committee



December 7, 2005

A. French Building, Room 210 3:00PM



WSC Members Present: Mary Ann Ingram, Chair (ECE), Carole Moore (Provost), Jilda Garton (GTRC), Jane Weyant (COE), Tom Akins (DOPP) ex-officio, and Gail Palmer (ECE) .

Guests: Frank Lambert (NEETRAC) and Teresa Crocker (Chief of Police)


1.      The minutes of the November 9, 2005 meeting were approved.


2.      Teresa Crocker reported that major decisions have to be made regarding any definitive policy on the use of motorized carts on campus. Mary Ann will write a note to Bob Thompson, chair of the Parking Ad Hoc Committee reviewing the motorized cart issue, and request a status report and timeline. In her note, Mary Ann will also express the concern of the Welfare and Security Committee regarding the need for a campus policy regarding the use of motorized carts, and she will offer the full support and help of this committee in expediting such a policy.


3.      Teresa Crocker stated that 29 warnings and 3 citations have been issued for pedestrian safety. She was uncertain if these numbers were for the fall semester or for the entire 2005 year. The Welfare and Security agreed with Chief Crocker that pedestrian signs are needed. Mary Ann will contact Bob Furniss, director of Parking, and request 16 signs at strategic crosswalks on campus.


4.      Frank Lambert reported that the AED committee had its kick-off meeting in November. Members of that committee are Steve Woodall, Bob Lang, William Manns, Alton Chin-shue, Gary Wolovick, Harry Vann, Judy Whitfield, Freddie Everett, and Gail Palmer. The AED committee will meet again in January. Mary Ann read a letter from Jean-Lou Chameauís administrative assistant.† Jean-Lou is very supportive of exploring AED deployment. Internal funding is a possibility, and Frank reported that Harry Vann is checking into external funding sources. The pathway for units to adopt the program at their own expense is also an option.


5.      Teresa Crocker reported that in a simulated exercise, the Georgia Tech Emergency Plans were implemented 28 minutes ahead of the City of Atlantaís Emergency Plans.


6.      The next meeting of the Welfare and Security meeting is scheduled for at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 18, in the A. French Building, Room 201.


Respectfully submitted,

Gail Palmer