Distance Learning Intellectual Property Subcommittee of the

Academic Services Committee

Minutes of January 22, 2002 (Corrected)



Members Present: Ron Bohlander, Chair (GTRI), Joe Boland (Distance Learning), Yolonda Cameron (Legal), Jilda Garton (GTRC & OTL), TyAnna Herrington (LCC), Claudia Huff (GTRI), Richard Meyer (Library), Tom Pilsch (Computing)


Members Absent: Fred Allvine (Mgt), Steven Danyluk (ME), Monty Hayes (ECE), Bill Holm (GTRI), Hans Klein (Pub.Pol.), Andy Smith (Psych.), Craig Zimring (Arch.)


Visitors:  None.



1.   Ron Bohlander, Chair, called this 4th meeting of the subcommittee to order at 1:05 PM  in ERB 114 and reminded everyone that the purpose of this meeting was to brainstorm about what each of the different types of stakeholders needs to get from a policy. The purpose is not to write policies themselves but to clarify the interests that the policy must protect or serve.

2.   The results of this discussion are captured in a PowerPoint file: on slide one are all the points that were captured on t he whiteboard during the session. It was recognized that there were many shared interests. (Slide two hold the results of a later effort by the chair to better illustrate these shared interests and an effort to simplify by gathering together related material. In the second slide, things in the same row have some affinity – are different views of a similar thing – as they play out across the several stakeholders.

3.   Several in the group observed that our future policy draft should begin with a preamble that speaks to some of the high level goals the university community had in mind in drafting the policy. Ron Bohlander mentioned that Jim Foley’s Continuing and Technology Enhanced (CTEE) Task Force had developed some bullet points on goals. He said he would get a link to them on the DLIP Subcommittee’s website.

4.   The meeting was adjourned at 3 PM.




Respectfully submitted

Ron Bohlander, Chair

February 22, 2002, and corrected on March 4, 2002


See attachments:

1) PowerPoint file of brainstorming results

2) CTEE draft goals