Distance Learning Intellectual Property Subcommittee of the

Academic Services Committee

Minutes of September 27, 2001



Members Present: Fred Allvine (Mgt), Ron Bohlander, Chair (GTRI), Joe Boland (Distance Learning), Monty Hayes (ECE), TyAnna Herrington (LCC), Bill Holm (GTRI), Claudia Huff (GTRI), Richard Meyer (Library), Tom Pilsch (Computing)


Members Absent: Jilda Garton (GTRC & OTL), Hans Klein (Pub.Pol.), Andy Smith (Psych.), Craig Zimring (Arch.)


Visitors: Pamela Rary for Yolonda Cameron (Legal), Nancy Moody for Steven Danyluk (ME), Jim Foley (Chair of Distance and Continuing Ed. Task Force)



  1. Ron Bohlander, Chair, called this first meeting of the subcommittee to order at 4:05 p.m.
  2. After introductions around the table, Ron Bohlander explained the history that led to the formation of the subcommittee and reviewed the charge received from the Executive Board, as found on the subcommittee’s website at http://www.dlip.gatech.edu/. (Access to working papers and the site restricted to committee and others assisting the committee.)
  3. He further indicated that although the subcommittee may be asked to tackle broader questions in the longer run, the focus for near term is on refining the intellectual property policies of the Faculty Handbook to better cover issues arising in distance learning and computer-based courseware. The committee then refined the Primary Question before it, as found on the website. Joe Boland pointed out that distance learning was too restrictive because students plugging in elsewhere on campus or even in the classroom might also use the same materials. The committee consensus evolved to a restatement of the central questions, as follows:

·  “When courseware is developed in digital or other electronic media , what are the respective rights (or ownership positions) of the faculty, the university, and any other stakeholders?”

4.   Ron Bohlander reviewed some of the results of a conference he attended in May at the university of Wisconsin, titled “Intellectual Property in the Digital Environment.” He discussed new approaches that some universities are taking to maximize faculty right while ensuring that the university maintains control and access to the things they need. TyAnna Herrington discussed the importance of understanding details of the Work-For-Hire terms in current law before devising policies.

5.   Discussion then focused on additional information that the committee needed to gather and have presented in future meetings:

·  TyAnna Herrington, Yolonda Cameron, and others who wish to help them will gather and present at the next meeting a summary of the legal constraints on the policy issues before the committee.

·  Richard Meyer will gather and summarize policy examples from other universities. (See also collections referenced on the website.

·  Claudia Huff will gather information about university related consortia with information we should see.

6. Ron Bohlander asked for all to send him information to share on the subcommittee website. He will also get a list-serve set up.

7. Committee members indicated that late afternoons would be best for meetings. Ron said he would poll all for input in setting up next meetings. These would be held after all had time to get familiar with relevant material identified so far and time for our discussion leaders (above) to prepare.

8. The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 p.m.




Respectfully submitted,

Ron Bohlander, Chair