Academic Services Committee


April 5, 2004



Members Present:  Jeffrey Donnell (ME), Lynn Fountain (GTRI), Maureen Kilroy (GS&R), Jim Sowell (PHYS).



Members Absent: Carol Colatrella (LCC), Timothy Daniels (Library), Joseph Hoey (OARS), Tom Horton (GTRI), Don Kang (ISyE), Jane Weyant (CoE).



Visitors: Rosalind Myers, Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Services

Jerry Maloney, Store Director for Barnes and Noble Bookstore at Georgia Tech

Richard Meyer, Dean and Director of Libraries at Georgia Tech



1.        Lynn Fountain called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m. on April 5, 2004.



2.        Jerry Maloney summarized some of the services provided by the bookstore, including these:

·         The bookstore will deliver books to your department.

·         The bookstore provides free shipping of your materials to conferences and symposia in the United States.

·         The bookstore’s technology Center can order software titles at academic prices.

·         The bookstore can special order any book in print, with free shipping and handling.

·         The Bookstore’s services can be accessed at



3.        Rosalind Meyers made several points about sales and prices at the bookstore:

·         While the Bookstore’s sales are generally good, textbook sales continue to decline, as they have for several years.  This may be due to the availability of textbooks from local sources such as Engineers’ Bookstore and electronic sources such as 

·         The bookstore strives to keep prices low by marking up prices only 25%, while 98% of college bookstores mark prices up by 33%. 

·         Georgia Tech faculty members can help hold prices down by submitting textbook adoptions in a timely fashion.  Early adoption particularly benefits students who wish to sell their texts back to the bookstore at the end of a term, as the bookstore is able to offer higher repurchase prices for books when a future demand for these books has been established. 



4.        Richard Meyer explained the Georgia Tech Library’s programs for delivering content electronically:

·         Increasing numbers of academic journals can be accessed online, and the GT Library is moving to increase the portion of its journal subscriptions that are received electronically.

·         Due to subscription restrictions, not all journals offer free electronic access to back issues. 

·         For those journals that are received only in electronic form, the GT Library is taking steps to secure access to those issues that have been received, even if the journal should go out of business. 

·         Georgia Tech is also digitizing theses, research reports and other intellectual output from the GT community.  The digital archive being developed may one day offer an alternative means for scholars to communicate their work. 

·         The GT Library participates in the SFX system, which integrates the electronic collections of the four largest Georgia Institutions.  The SFX system can be entered from a quick link on the Library’s E-journals search page. 



5.        The next meeting of the Academic Services Committee will be at the beginning of Fall term, 2004.



6.        The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey Donnell, Secretary