Annual Report of the Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee, 2001-2002




The committee met three times during the year (11/20/01, 02/09/02, and 04/19/02).  The first two meetings were devoted to annual reviews of various functions, such as advising, admissions, and financial aid.  These reviews included consultations with relevant administrators, including Vice Provost McMath, who attended the meeting of 11/20/01.  The third meeting considered an issue brought to the committee by a member of the faculty.


In addition, the committee monitored excused absences for student activities, which are circulated among members by the Registrar.


The committee chair (Usselman until 02/09/02; Begovic thereafter) has corresponded with the Executive Board about reviewing grading policies.  The committee has received  a formal charge from the EB on this matter and will be acting on it this academic year.


Submitted by Steve Usselman and Miroslav Begovic, former and current chairs, 10/3/02