Annual Report

Graduate Curriculum Committee

September 1, 2000 August 31, 2001



Committee Members: Sue Ann Bidstrup-Allen (ChE), Ann Bostrom (Pub Pol), April Brown (ECE), David Collard (CHEM), Steven DeWeerth (ECE), Army Dukeman (Library Observer), A. Dan Fisk (PSY), Rita Gregory (ARCH), Monson Hayes (ECE), Nolan Hertel (ME), Jeff Jagoda (AE), Larry Kahn (CEE), Charles Liotta (Vice Provost), David McDowell (ME), Jo McIver (Registrar), Leonard Parsons (MGT), David Peters (Grad Student), Andrew F. Peterson (ECE), Tom Sanders (MSE), Karsten Schwans (Exec. Board Liaison), H. Venkateswaran (CoC), Kenneth Will (CEE)


  1. The Graduate Curriculum Committee met twelve times during the year. The Student Petition Review Subcommittee (Hertel, McIver, Kilroy) met five times during the year. Changes were made in the degree requirements for the following programs:

        MS Health Physics

        Master Degree in Information Design and Technology

        MS Bioengineering


Two degree programs name changes were approved:


        Master of City Planning changed to Master of City and Regional Planning

        Master Degree in Management changed to Master Degree in Business Administration


The following certificate program were approved for conversion to the semester basis:


        Certificate in Entrepreneurship

        Certificate in Engineering Entrepreneurship


Other actions carried out by the committee include:


        Review of 130 student petitions

        Approval of 44 new graduate courses

        Inactivation of 19 graduate courses

        Modifications and revisions in 10 existing courses

        Approval of 5 year MS/BS program plan

        Creation and posting of information on the Graduate Office website to aid students and academic units in preparing requests of the committee. The website is It contains four links:


1.      Graduate Committee Procedures

2.      Checklist for IGC approvals

3.      New Course Proposal Form

4.      Student Petition Hints


2.      The committee devoted 40% of its time to student-related matters, 20% to policy matters, and 40% to new course and program decisions.



Respectfully submitted:



Chair: Nolan E. Hertel

Vice Chair: Andrew Peterson

Secretary: Jo McIver