Date: 9/11/2000

To: Edward Thomas, Secretary of the Faculty

From: Ron Bohlander, Committee Chair

Subject: Annual Report of the Academic Services committee for 1999-2000

The following people served on the committee during the past year:

Ron Bohlander, GTRI, Chair

Joe Boland, Continuing Education

Carol Colatrella, LCC, Chair of Library Subcommittee

    1. Jack Cooper, Management

Don Frank, Library, Liaison from Executive Board

Bonnie Heck, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Nancey Green Leigh, City Planning, Chair of Classrooms focus area

M. Jack Marr, Psychology (filling vacancy left by Steven Teal)

Chris Martin, Graduate Student

Ryan McPherson, Undergraduate Student

Paul Ohme, CEISMC, Secretary

The committee held monthly meetings during the academic year to monitor infrastructure that supports research and teaching. This does not include general environmental issues such as parking. Persons representing many areas made presentations to the committee to bring them up-to-date on recent developments and future directions. The committee in turn provided valuable feedback on faculty and student concerns and suggestions. Topics covered included: 

The Library Subcommittee met twice, in October and March. Much of their activity focused on providing feedback to the Library concerning the serials review conducted during the year, leading to a necessary reduction in subscriptions and associated costs. At the March meeting, the Library Subcommittee passed the following resolution and sent it to the Executive Board for action:

The Faculty of the Georgia Institute of Technology expresses its concern at the continuing escalation of journal costs at a rate above inflation. In an attempt to better serve the needs of this faculty in its access to information, it is resolved that:

a). The Library be asked to develop useful metrics concerning price and impact (at our institution) for the journals purchased by our library and to share this with units of the institution and at a meeting of the General Faculty.

b). That the library and schools together should identify a "threshold" of acceptability for the combinations of cost and impact for journals of interest to each school; further they identify journals that do not reach this threshold.

c). The faculty of the Institute, on an individual basis, should strongly consider the impact and pricing of journals in deciding whether to support journals in submitting and reviewing manuscripts, in sitting on Editorial Boards, and in communicating their concerns to publishers.

In addition, members of the Academic Services Committee were active in interviewing candidates for the Dean and Director of Libraries. Ron Bohlander was also appointed to serve on GIT''s Bookstore Privatization Committee, which is helping with plans for that part of the Fifth Street Project. The other faculty representative to this committee is Charles Mulford, Jr. (Management).