Academic Services Committee

Minutes of March 27, 2002



Members Present: Ron Bohlander (GTRI), Nancey Green Leigh (Arch), Jerry O’Brien (CoS), Ronnie Roberts (ChE), Joseph Hoey (Acad AFF), Lynn Fountain (GTRI)[RAB1] ,  Maureen Kilroy (GS&R)


Members Absent: Carol Colatrella (LCC), Beth Carey (EAS/GS)


Visitors:  Les Saunders, Jerome Duran and Wolfgang Jonas from Capital Planning and Space Management


1.       Nancey Green Leigh, Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

2.       Minutes for the February 2002 meeting of the Committee were approved.

3.       Les Saunders and his group presented the results of a survey, conducted at the request of the ASC Chair, of budgets and management processes for classroom maintenance and refurbishment at peer institutions.

·         Very few of the schools contacted responded to the survey.  Of those that did respond some have funds specifically budgeted for classroom upkeep; however, there does not appear to be any consistent mechanism by which the funds are allocated to classroom upkeep.

·         Georgia Tech is developing standards by which classrooms can be evaluated and prioritized for improvements.  Input from members of the Academic Services Committee is encouraged.  Les Saunders’ group will develop renovation cost estimates for classrooms based on this standard. 

·         Currently, Georgia Tech has no funds specifically allocated for classroom upkeep although Major Renovation and Repair (MRR) funds provided annually to Georgia Tech by the Board of Regents are in part based on space used for classrooms.

·         The Academic Services committee is considering drafting a resolution requesting annual funding for classroom upkeep and a process by which allocation of those funds is determined.

4.       The draft of a resolution from the Academic Services Committee to the General Faculty supporting combined funding for the renovation of the West Library Commons area and the Innovative Learning Resource Center (ILCR) was presented to the committee.  After some discussion of this resolution, the Chair asked committee members to recommend changes to the resolution via email.  The objective of the ASC is to complete the resolution in time for presentation at the next meeting of the General Faculty.

5.      At the request of the Secretary to the Faculty, the Chair also presented the draft of a Policy on Religious Observances and asked for comments and recommendations.  After a brief discussion that indicated Committee members thought the policy should be revised extensively, the Chair asked for constructive comments and suggestions via email.

6.       Les Saunders provided the Final Draft copy of the Classroom Utilization Analysis that compares classroom utilization at Georgia Tech with other units of the University System.  He asked that members of the committee read the report created by his staff and provide comments.

7.       The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on April 10, 2002.

8.       The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 a.m.



Respectfully submitted,

Jerry O'Brien, Secretary

 [RAB1]I thought she was there.