Academic Integrity Committee Minutes

November 11, 2003


Present:  Thomas Morley (Faculty Member), Cheryl Contant (Faculty Member and Honor Committee Chair), Russ Callen (Faculty Member), Adam Bernstein (Undergraduate Representative), John Dean (Honor Advisor Council - HAC - Chair), and Karen Boyd (Sen. Assoc. Dean of Students)


1.      Tom Morley was elected Chairperson.


2.      Cheryl Contant, Chair of the Honor Committee, gave the history of the development of this faculty committee. She chaired the original faculty committee appointed by Dr. Chameau to explore and review Tech's Academic Integrity process. The 10 recommendations forwarded by her committee have been fully implemented by the Faculty Senate and the Office of Student Integrity.


3.      Karen Boyd presented the July 2003 Executive Board Update on Academic Integrity to give the committee the charge and context of their task.  This year's agenda includes developing the Institute's Sanctioning Model for Academic Integrity, determine what additional assessment of Tech's Honor climate will be needed to inform the work of this committee, identify faculty needs and articulate the committee's long term goals.


4.      John Dean, Honor Advisory Council (HAC) Chair, updated the committee on HAC's activities. These include the placement of Challenge Statement plaques in every classroom, proposal to ICPA for assistance in developing a marketing strategy and materials for the Honor Code at Tech, and the goals related to faculty in the HAC 5 year strategic plan.


5.      Requests were made for additional materials. You will find the current Academic Integrity Model and the results of the 2002-2003 Committee appointed by Dr. Wilcox to review the specific recommendation for amendment to the academic misconduct process.


6.      Future meetings -


a.       Monday November 17th - Meet for lunch at the Ferst Place. We will informally discuss Honor at Tech with no agenda. I have a table reserved. Student Affairs is hosting you. 

b.      Friday November 21st - Next meeting. Location to be announced. (Plan on one of the Student Services Building conference rooms.)