Academic Services Committee

Minutes of November 2, 1999


Members Present: Joe Boland (Cont. Ed.); Carol Colatrella (LCC); Jack Cooper (MGT); Don Frank (Library) (Ex Officio); Nancey Green Leigh (City Planning); Ron Bohlander, (GTRI, Chair)

Members Absent: Bonnie Heck (ECE); Paul Ohme (CEISMC)

Visitors: Jilda Garton (AVP for Res./General Mgr GTRC); Roxanne Revak, (CEISMC for Paul Ohme)

  1. Meeting was called to order and the minutes were reviewed and approved.
  2. Jilda Garton, Associate Vice-Provost for Research & General Manager GTRC was invited to be the guest speaker at this meeting. She presented a Power Point presentation titled, "How are Faculty and Administrative Costs (Indirect Costs) determined?" She also distributed a hand-out that follows along with the presentation.
  3. Setting a consistent date and time for future meetings was discussed. Students have not been able to attend so far due to conflicts between their schedules and the faculty on the committee. It was agreed that we would try for the afternoon of December 10th and the Chair would request input right away on schedules for next semester.
  4. Ron Bohlander reminded the committee that Steven Teal was leaving Georgia Tech. Don Frank agreed to look into the process for a replacement.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Roxanne Revak, for Paul Ohme