Academic Services Committee

Minutes of October 5, 1999 as Amended in Committee


Members Present: Joe Boland (Cont. Ed.); Carol Colatrella (LCC); Jack Cooper (MGT); Don Frank (Library) (Ex Officio); Nancey Green Leigh (City Planning); Ron Bohlander (GTRI)

Members Absent: Bonnie Heck (ECE); Paul Ohme (CEISMC); Steven Teal (OIT)

Visitor: Barbara Henry (Mgr.of ReACTT in OSP)

Owing to the absence of the secretary, Paul Ohme, consideration of the minutes of the September meeting was deferred to a future meeting.

  1. Barbara Henry presented an interesting account of the activities of the ReACTT division of the Office of Sponsored Programs. They provide assistance to faculty in identifying possible sources of funding, assistance in electronic handling of proposals, management of OSPís web site and newsletters, workshops and other training, proposal and research report copying and shipping, and administration of some compliance committees. They do not, however, have the means any longer to provide assistance with the writing of proposals. Ms. Henry did say that she would appreciate help in improving communication with faculty about services, opportunities, and guidelines. A particular problem area is that of coordinating with faculty about who should propose when there are restrictions on how many proposals the sponsor will allow GT to send. The committee indicated interest in discussing this further in a future meeting.
  2. Nancey Green Leigh reported on her discussions with Nancy Tinker concerning a new Classroom Advocacy Committee that Bob McMath is appointing. There will be two faculty representatives on this committee. The committee will look at technology issues, scheduling, and criteria for upgrading. Approximately $240K will be available per year for classroom renovations and this committee will largely determine how this is spent. Nancy Green Leigh will communicate our interest in being represented on this committee.
  3. Carol Colatrella reported that the Library subcommittee would be meeting in October with Dean Drake to give her input on reducing subscriptions due to significant increases in costs. The subcommittee has also been asked by the Executive Board to consider bringing issues related to this to the General Faculty Assembly. Carol also discussed briefly possible future plans for an Undergraduate Learning Center that may have some library-like functions included.
  4. The committee asked that the next meeting of the Academic Services Committee, planned for Nov. 2 (3-4 p.m. in the Electronics Research Building), be focused on understanding how "academic services" are funded. The chair was asked to arrange for a guest to explain how overhead works in this regard.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Ron Bohlander


Amended 11/2/99