Academic Services Committee

Minutes of March 16, 2000 as Amended in Committee


Members Present: Ron Bohlander (GTRI, Chair); Carol Colatrella (LCC); Jack Cooper (MGT); Bonnie Heck (ECE); Nancey Green Leigh (City Planning); Jack Marr (PSY); Chris Martin (GStu);

Ryan McPherson (UG Stu); Paul Ohme (CEISMC)

Members Absent: Joe Boland (ContEd); Don Frank (Library)

Visitors: Nancy Tinker (Dir., Capacity Planning & Space Mgt), Robert McMath (VP UG Studies)


  1. Bob McMath explained the scope of the Classroom Advocacy Committee as providing advice to Nancy Tinkerís office, helping to understand priorities, and keeping up to date with progress in classroom innovations and other developments.
  2. Nancy Tinker reviewed for the committee some of the progress that had been made since her last report to the committee (last year). This covered recent renovations, existing shortages, and the fact that several classrooms have been removed due to evolving school priorities. She reported that there has once been an understanding there were plenty of classrooms, but what has evolved more recently is an understanding that new classrooms are in fact needed. A significant part of the problem is that we do not have the right distribution of classrooms by size. We are particularly short of small classrooms.
  3. Bob McMath reviewed the status of plans for an Undergraduate Learning Center. This facility, if built, would house a combination of small flexible classrooms, flexible student meeting space, library functions, and amenities. Some private money may be invested. It is hoped to get this on the Regentís agenda in the next few years, but it has not yet been approved.
  4. Carol Colatrella reviewed the highlights of the March 2 meeting of the Library Subcommittee.

Mr. Robert Thompson, Senior VP for Administration and Finance will be invited to address the committee at the next meeting, which is scheduled for Thursday, April 20th @ 3:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Paul Ohme