Academic Services Committee


November 14, 2006


Members Present:  Bill Ballard (Exec. Board), Linda Cabot (OIT), Jeffrey Donnell (ME)(Chair), Margaret Loper (GTRI), Judith Norback (ISyE), Jim Sowell (PHYS), Alex Wang (SGA).

Members Absent:  Myrtle Turner (GTRI), Jane Weyant (CoE), Nancey Green Leigh (CRP).

Visitor:  Dean Richard Meyer, Director of the Georgia Tech Library


1.        The meeting came to order at 1:05 p.m. on November 14, 2006 in room 405 of Tech Tower. 


2.        Richard spoke to the Committee about the Library’s achievements over the last five years, serials purchasing, and other topics.  He made the following points:

·         Achievements

o        The Library’s goal was to become better organized and strategically focused on important issues.  A great deal of progress has been made toward this goal.

o        The Library has been split into different zones for different purposes.  For example, the higher floors are quiet floors, while the West Commons and the East Commons (just opened) support project teams working together.

o        The Presentation Practice Room (109), run by Crit Stewart, is open 24/7 for students, not faculty.  Also, a smaller room downstairs is available for videoconferencing or presentations.

·         Serials Purchasing

o        Today there is much more literature available on campus, partly due to its availability in electronic form.  The library expects to continue to develop an electronic or digital depository.

o        Most of the requested titles have been obtained.

o        The Library is not planning on starting a business to scan in printed items.

·         Other Topics

o        The Library is guided by an Advisory Body of eight student leaders.

o        Once new strategic plans are available, they will be run by the Academic Services Committee.

o        The Library does not expect to need the letter of budget support as they did last year; this year the budget is expected to stay the same.

o        Currently in discussion is the Integrated Learning Resource Center, an expanded Library, with additional services, to support student success—especially for first-year and sophomore students.  Eighty million dollars will be required to renovate the Library and build the new building.  Fifty to 55 million will be for the new building ($40 million from the state; $15 million from donors).  Twenty-five to 30 million will be needed for renovation.


3.        The next Academic Services Committee will take place on December 12, at 1:00 p.m. in room 406 of Tech Tower.  The agenda and meeting times for Spring 2007 will be set. 


4.        The meeting was adjourned at 2:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Judith Norback