Tuesday, November 19, 2013, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater




1.      Call to Order and Opening Remarks – President Peterson and Provost Bras.

2.      Approval of minutes of previous meeting – October 22, 2013

3.      Presentation of Degree Candidates – Ms. Reta Pikowsky, Registrar

4.      Introduction of Georgia Tech Athletics Director, Mr. Mike Bobinski, and Report of the Faculty Athletics Representative, Prof. Sue Ann Bidstrup Allen

5.      Presentation of recommended changes in the Faculty Handbook – Ms. Jeanne Balsam, Statutes Committee Chair

a)      Recommended changes in the following sections of the Faculty Handbook:

1.      Promotion & Tenure processes, Section 3.3.9

2.      Periodic Peer Review, Section 3.3.10

3.      Annual Reviews, a subset of Section 3.1.2

b)      Recommended disposition of the Transitional Sections of the Faculty Handbook after Section 7.

6.      Progress on changes in the definitions of Faculty at Georgia Tech and accompanying changes in faculty governance.
– Ms. Jeanne Balsam, Faculty Definition Subcommittee Chair
Draft new sections of the Faculty Handbook
Existing Faculty Handbook

7.      Approval of minutes of Standing Committees of the General Faculty

a.   Statutes – Ms. Jeanne Balsam, Chair
Minutes:  9/12/13, 10/10/13    No action items other than those already covered above.

8.      Approval of minutes and action items of Standing Committees of the Academic Senate

a.       Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (IUCC) – Prof. Laura Hollengreen, Chair          Presentation

Minutes: 10/29/13, 11/5/13

Action items: From 11/5: College of Sciences – 1 new course; Economics – 2 new courses & modification in the BS degree in Economics involving changes in course requirements; Center for Academic Success – 1 new course GT 2100 referenced later in SRC; Biology – 1 new course; Applied Physiology – 1 new course; Math – change in the course description for Math 1501, new courses Math 1503 & 1504 Calculus I & II for Life Sciences, and 1 other new course; Public Policy – modification in the Law, Science, and Technology Minor and in the Pre-law Certificate involving changes in course requirements.

b.      Institute Graduate Curriculum Committee (IGCC) – Prof. Jeff Jagoda, Chair       Presentation

Minutes:  11/7/13

Action Items: CoC – 1 new course; CEE – 4 new courses; ISyE – modification in the PhD degree involving a change in the Economic Decision Analysis specialization; Public Policy – 2 new courses; and 1 posthumous degree.

c.       Student Regulations Committee (SRC) – Ms. Reta Pikowsky, Registrar, at the Chair’s request         Presentation

Minutes: 11/8/13

Action items: 1) The use of the course GT 2100 for students returning from academic dismissal, 2) proposed changes in academic standing policy, 3) addition of a “Unit of Credit Defined” policy to the Catalog of the Institute, and 4) changes to the Extracurricular Activities policies as they apply to suspended students including those suspended in abeyance.

d.      Academic Integrity Committee – Prof. Jeff Davis, Chair
Minutes 9/23/13 – no action items

9.      Any other business.




Ronald A Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

November 19, 2013