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Tuesday, November 16, 2010, 2:00 pm

Student Center Theater




1.      Call to Order – Dr. Kirk Bowman, Executive Board Chair

2.   Opening Remarks on behalf of the President – Dr. Anderson Smith, Senior Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs

3.   Approval of minutes of previous meeting – October 14, 2010

4.   Presentation of Degree Candidates – Ms. Reta Pikowsky, Registrar

5.   Announcements concerning the Georgia Tech Charitable Campaign – Mr. Tom Horton, Co-Chair

6.   Report on intercollegiate athletics from Georgia Tech’s Faculty Athletics Representative – Prof. Sue Ann Allen

7.   Brief update and synopsis of Georgia Tech’s Computer and Network Usage and Security Policy – Dr. Bohlander, Secretary of the Faculty

8.   Second reading of a proposed change in the definition of General Faculty at Georgia Tech – Prof. Tom Morley, Task Force Chair
Background to proposal
Comparison of old and proposed new text for the Faculty Handbook
Preliminary list of titles with faculty status.

9.   Presentation of pending minutes of Standing Committees of the Academic Senate.

a.       Undergraduate Curriculum (Prof. George Riley)
Minutes: 10/26/10, 11/2/10, 11/9/10
Action items. From 11/2: Mgt – 1 new course; Econ – modification to BS in Economics, updating documentation of grade requirements; Public Policy – 5 new courses, 1 deactivated, & update to course numbers required for the LS&T minor and Pre-Law Certificate; Modern Languages – restated requirement for second semester language classes before first semester credit awarded & 16 new courses; ISyE – 1 new course.

b.      Graduate Curriculum (Prof. Julia Babensee)
Minutes: 10/7/10, 11/4/10
Action Items. From 10/7: Mgt – 1 new course.  From 11/4: Public Policy – 1 new course; ISyE – 2 new courses; CoC-CS – 11 new courses.

c.   Student Regulations Committee (Prof. Chuck Parsons)
Minutes 8/30/10, 9/23/10, 10/21/10
Action items.  From 10/21:  The substitution in Fall 2011 of a Student-Faculty Expectations document for the current Student Bill of Academic Rights.

10. Any Other Business.




Ronald A Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

November 15, 2010