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Tuesday, November 18, 2008, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater




1.      Call to Order and Opening Remarks (President Schuster)

2.      Approval of minutes of previous meeting – October 21, 2008

3.   Proposed resolution supporting faculty participation in the Capital Campaign (Steve Dickerson)

4.   Presentation of Degree Candidates (Pikowsky)

5.      Presentation of annual reports and pending minutes of Standing Committees of the General Faculty held over from the previous meeting.

a.      Faculty Honors (Bill Hunt)
Annual Report for 2007-08

b.        Welfare & Security (Bob Pikowsky)
Annual Report for 2007-08 & Minutes: 4/14/08, 9/8/08, 10/14/08. No action items.

6.      Presentation of annual reports and pending minutes of Standing Committees of the Academic Senate, some held over from the previous meeting.

a.       Undergraduate Curriculum (John Tone)
Minutes: 9/24/08, 10/22/08, 11/5/08
Action items. From 11/5: Applied Physiology – participation in Research Option; Public Policy – degree modifications for BSPP, 9 new courses, 1 deactivated, 3 renumbered; Modern Languages – change in minimum grade requirement for GEML and IAML degrees, 6 new courses, revisions to 6 minors (incl. reduction of hrs from 18 to 15); Management – 1 new course; LCC – participation in International Plan.

b.      Graduate Curriculum (Gary Parker)
Minutes: 10/23/08, 11/13/08
Action Items. From 10/23: Architecture – 3 new courses; MSE – 6 new courses; Appl. Physiology – change to allow all forms of grading for APPH 6997.   From 11/13: ME – changes in the Masters in Medical Physics degree requirements concerning seminars, and 5 new courses and 1 deactivated course; ISyE – changes in the specializations in PhD programs, in particular Optimization and Stochastics have moved from Industrial Engineering to Operations Research and System Informatics and Control will be new in Industrial Engineering, and then also 4 new courses.

c.        Student Grievance & Appeal (Facundo Fernandez)
Annual Report for 2007-08

d.         Academic Integrity (Robert Kirkman)
Annual Report for 2007-08 & Minutes: 11/2/07, 11/30/07, 2/8/08, 4/18/08. No action items.

7.      Any Other Business.




Ronald A Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

November 14, 2008