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Tuesday, November 28, 2006, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater





1.     Opening Remarks by the President.

2.     Approval of Minutes of previous meetings -- October 10, 2006. [Attachment #1]

3.     Student Habitat for Humanity Project (Sangster)

4.     Presentation of Degree Candidates. (Pikowsky)

5.     Second reading of proposed changes to Statutes concerning faculty membership (Griffin)
[Attachment #2]

6.     Proposed Student Code of Conduct revision (McGarity and Streator) [Attachment #3]

7.     Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the Academic Senate. [Attachment #4]

a.       Student Regulations Committee:  Minutes supporting agenda item 6.

b.      Undergraduate Curriculum: 10/4/06, 10/18/06, 10/25/06, 11/8/06  [Action Items: Changes in prereqs for CS classes, changes in course requirements for BS in CS and BS in computational media; new course in INTA; new requirements for BS in Econ and INTA; change to prelaw minor and certificate in Public Policy; changes to approved courses in ROTC; new research options in mathematics; new courses, curriculum, and minimum standards in MSE (10/4/06); AE to participate in research option; new courses in biology; cross-listed course for ChBE, Chem & BMED ].

c.     Graduate Curriculum: 10/26/06, 11/16/06  [with Action Items: New course in ChBE and Chem (10/26/06); reduction in hours for MBA; cross listing of a CS course in Math and ISyE; new course in ChBE, Chem, and BMED; course changes in Mgt; new courses in Biol (11/16/06).]

8.     Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the General Faculty. [Attachment #4]

a.      Academic Services:  10/10/06

9.     Remaining Annual Reports of Standing Committees for 2005-06 [Attachment #5]

a.      Faculty Honors (Hunt)

b.     Faculty Status and Grievance (Rodgers)

10.  Any Other Business.


Ronald A. Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

November 22, 2006


Links to cited documents:


  1. Minutes of October 10, 2006 Fall meeting of the General Faculty and General Faculty Assembly combined with meeting of the Academic Senate
  2. Proposed changes in Statutes
  3. Proposed revisions to Student Code of Conduct
    1. Outline of proposed changes
    2. Proposed new code
      1. Flow chart for how academic cases would be handled
      2. Flow chart for non-academic cases
    3. The existing code adopted May 16, 2005 (for comparison)
  4. Minutes of Committee Meetings
  5. Remaining Committee Annual Reports for 2005-06
    1. Faculty Honors
    2. Faculty Status and Grievance