Academic Services Committee


October 18, 2007


Members Present:  Margaret Loper (GTRI-Chair), Bill Ballard (GTRI-Exec. Board liaison), Judith Norback (ISyE-Secretary), Jim Sowell (PHYS), Cam Tyson (CHEM).


Members Not Present:  Jess Chandler (student), Nancey Green Leigh (CRP), Marlit Hayslett (GTRI), Myrtle Turner (GTRI), Jane Weyant (COE)


 Visitor:  Rosalyn Meyers, Associate VP for Auxiliary Services September, 20, 2007


The meeting came to order at 9:30 am in Room 2100F of the Molecular Science and Engineering Building. 




1) Auxiliary Services is a conglomeration of little businesses, which are 100 percent self-supporting.  The services include:

a.   The Bookstore

b.   The Buzz Card

    1. Dining (resident, retail, catering)
    2. Health Services
    3. Housing
    4. Parking and Transportation
    5. Post Office
    6. Student Center (concerts, movies, meetings, etc.)

2) The mission of Auxiliary Services includes the following.  A full copy of the mission appears at the end of the minutes.  The services:

            a. facilitate the creation of community

            b. support the academic and research commitment of the Institute

            c. seek to set the standard for excellence

            d. are financially self-sustaining.


Detailed Discussion


The bookstore:

a.       Two Auxiliary Services staff members are on the Mandatory Computer Ownership Committee. Starting in Fall 08 students will be required to have laptops, which are sold in the bookstore.  Apple and Dell are the primary suppliers.  In the dorms, Technical Resident Advisors will support students using laptops---freshmen in particular.

b.      One issue is the cost of textbooks.  The bookstore has almost no control over this.  They have limited their markup to 20 percent instead of 25 percent and make used books available when possible.

c.       Faculty are needed to adopt books for class as early as possible.

d.      Not all academic departments participate in the adoption process which causes problems for students.


Buzz Cards:

a.       Student buzz card pictures cannot be used for department purposes such as putting up pictures of all departmental students.  An exception could be made only if each student gives permission for their picture to be used in this manner.



a.       The approved catering list is reviewed every three years.  Companies can be suggested to Rich Steele in the Student Center.  The list includes companies from all price ranges that have demonstrated dependable service.

b.      Summer dining is available at Brittain Dining Hall for the short summer and at Woodruff for the whole summer.



a.       The North Avenue apartments have been completely refurbished and now house over 1800 students.

b.      Housing now has a total of 8000 beds.  At this time every Tech student who wants to live at Tech can.

c.       If anyone would like to bring students in earlier, they need to talk with Mike Black.


Parking and Transportation:

a.       For each $20 parking ticket for athletic events, Auxiliary Services is given $6.  The rest goes to the Athletic Association.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 am.


Judith Norback


Auxiliary Services Mission Statement:

“Auxiliary Services facilitates the creation of community, extends the learning environment beyond the classroom, and enhances the quality of campus life through the delivery of quality goods and services.

We support the academic and research mission of Georgia Tech by assisting in the recruitment and retention of students, by encouraging students to develop personal responsibility as consumers, citizens and leaders, and by creating an environment that encourages academic success.

We seek to set the standards for excellence on the campus and in the country by continuously refining and improving Auxiliary Services in a market driven environment.

Auxiliary Services is financially self-sustaining in order to fund its operations, renew and replace its facilities and provide financial resources for future growth and development.”