Annual Report of the Academic Services Committee for 2003-2004


Submitted by Lynn Fountain, Committee Chair

Senior Research Scientist



September 13, 2004


The following people served on the committee during the 2003-2004 academic year:


Carol Colatrella, LCC, Chair of the Library Sub-committee

Tim Daniel, Library

Jeffrey Donnell , ME

Lynn Fountain, GTRI, Committee Chair

Joseph Hoey, Office of Assessment

Don Kang, Undergraduate Student

Maureen Kilroy, GS&R

Jim Sowell, Physics

Jane Weyant, CoE

Tom Horton, Exec. Board Liaison


The committee met six times during the academic year to monitor infrastructure that supports research and teaching.  Following up on work from the previous year, the committee focused on course scheduling and classroom space issues.  The topics covered at committee meetings included:


§         New bookstore and housing:  Rosalind Meyers, Associate VP-Auxiliary Services met with the committee to discuss the opening of the new bookstore, sales projections, and trolley/transportation issues.  In addition, she showed renderings of the new graduate student family housing complex.  Later in the year, Jerry Maloney, new Store Director for Barnes and Noble Bookstore at Georgia Tech, discussed services offered to faculty by the bookstore.

§         Student Center Renovation: Rich Steele, Director of the Student Center, discussed the status of the renovation of space in the Student Center.

§         Classroom scheduling, availability, utilization, and condition: Les Saunders, Director of Capital Planning and Space Management met with the committee to review ongoing schedule and space concerns.  He reiterated the challenge to review campus cultural issues that impact the scheduling of classroom and laboratory space. 

§         Course scheduling:  The committee met to brainstorm strategies to get faculty to teach outside the popular 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. block of time.  The committee chairperson subsequently met with Vice-Provost Bob McMath to further discuss faculty issues and with Jo McIver, Registrar, to learn more about the class scheduling process from the Registrar’s perspective.  Jo McIver later met with the committee for continued discussion.  The Academic Services Committee summarized its findings and recommendations in a report to the General Faculty in February, 2004.  The Provost subsequently sent a memo to Deans and School Chairs requesting their help in addressing the scheduling issues.

§         Library: the Library subcommittee met once.  In addition, Richard Meyer, Dean and Director of Libraries at Georgia Tech, met with the committee to discuss the library’s programs for delivering content electronically.


In addition to chairing the Library Subcommittee, Carol Colatrella served as the committee representative on the Ad Hoc Committee on Quality Undergraduate Education.