Annual Report of the Academic Services Committee for 2001-2002


Submitted by Lynn Fountain, Committee Chair

Senior Research Scientist



September 30, 2002


The following people served on the committee during the past academic year:


Ron Bohlander, GTRI, Chair of the Distance Learning and Intellectual Property Sub-committee

Beth Carey, EAS/GS

Carol Colatrella, LCC, Chair of the Library Sub-committee

Lynn Fountain, GTRI

Joseph Hoey, Academic Affairs

Nancey Green Leigh, City & Regional Planning, Committee Chair and Chair of Classrooms focus area, committee representative to the Classroom Facilities Committee

Maureen Kilroy, GS&R

Gerald O’Brien, CoS, Secretary, committee representative to the Classroom Facilities Committee

Ronnie Roberts, ChE

Mark Richards, Exec. Board Liaison


The committee met seven times during the academic year to monitor infrastructure that supports research and teaching.  General environmental issues such as parking were not addressed.  The committee received presentations on multiple areas related to research and teaching.   The topics covered in the last year included:


§         New bookstore status and plans – Rosalind Meyers, Associate VP-Auxiliary Services and Bobby Pearson, Director of the GT Bookstore

§         Continuing Education and Distance Learning with an emphasis on the new Global Learning Center – Joe Digregorio , Vice-Provost for Distance Learning; Diana Turner, Director of Continuing Education; Miriam Barron, Associate Director of Continuing Education

§         Classroom scheduling, availability, utilization, and condition – Robert McMath, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies; Les Saunders, Director of Capital Planning and Space Management; Louise Barnett

§         Future Direction/plans for the Library – Richard Meyer, Dean of Libraries

§         Survey Results: budgets and management processes for classroom maintenance and refurbishment at peer institutions – Les Saunders, Jerome Duran and Wolfgang Jonas from Capital Planning and Space Management


The Library sub-committee was convened twice during the year to address issues of concern.  The Classroom sub-committee’s focus was addressed by the committee of the whole, and through Jerry O’Brien’s and Nancey Green Leigh’s representation on the Institute’s Ad Hoc Classroom Facilities committee.  The Academic Services Committee drafted a resolution on resource allocations for the renewal and sustained support of common assets (with an emphasis on classrooms and the library) to be presented at a fall General Faculty meeting.   Ron Bohlander chairs the sub-committee on Distance Learning and Intellectual Property Rights. Several reports were made to the ASC on the work of the committee.