Annual Report of the Academic Services Committee for 2006-2007


Submitted by Margaret Loper, Committee Chair

Principal Research Scientist

Georgia Tech Research Institute


September 18, 2007


The following people served on the committee during the 2006-2007 academic year:


Bill Ballard, Executive Board

Linda Cabot, OIT

Jeffrey Donnell, ME, Chair

Nancey Green Leigh, Architecture

Margaret Loper, GTRI

Judith Norback, ISyE

Jim Sowell, Physics

Myrtle Turner, GTRI

Alex Wang, SGA

Jane Weyant, CoE


The committee met seven times during the academic year to monitor infrastructure that supports research and teaching.† The topics covered at committee meetings included:


Center for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL):† Donna Llewellyn, Director, gave an overview of CETLís programs for Graduate Teaching Assistants and for new faculty.†


Capital Planning and Space Management: Deborah Greene, Interim Director, gave an overview of the GT Master Plan and the processes by which GT plans for construction and renovation of buildings.†


Library: Dean Richard Meyer gave an overview of the Libraryís accomplishments over the past five years, calling attention to electronic availability of serials, innovations in the use of space on the main floor, and increased use by students.†


Georgia Tech Cable Network (GTCN): Carol Pulliam, General Manager of GTCN, presented a new manual of policies and procedures for GTCN and requested an expression of approval from the committee.† †


Center for Education Integrating Science Mathematics and Computing (CEISMC): Paul Ohme, Director of CEISMC, gave an overview of CEISMCís mission and programs benefiting K-12 students in Georgia as well as GT faculty members and students.†


Space Planning: Cynthia Jackson, GT Campus Space Coordinator, explained how the Office of Space Planning assigns classroom space each term.† ††


Distance Learning and Professional Education:† Nelson Baker, Associate Vice Provost for DLPE, discussed the availability and pricing of event space at the Global Learning Center.