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Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 3:00-5:00 pm

Student Center Theater




1.      Call to order and opening remarks – President Peterson

2.      Approval of Minutes of previous meetings – February 21, 2012.

3.      Presentation and approval of degree candidates for spring graduation – Mr. Robert Simon, Assistant Registrar

4.      Report on The Tower, a GT student research journal – Michael Chen, Student Editor

5.      Progress report from the Subcommittee on Open Access for Publications – Profs. Ellen Zegura and Steve McLaughlin, co-chairs

6.      Update on proposed changes to the Institute’s Conflict of Interest and Outside Professional Activity Policy
– Mr. Gene Pope, Jr., Office of Conflict of Interest Management, GTRC

a.       Presentation

b.      Proposed new text with explanations.

c.       FAQs on new travel reporting

d.      Link to policy now in the Faculty Handbook

7.      Progress toward other revisions to the Faculty Handbook – Ms. Jeanne Balsam, Statutes Committee Chair

8.      Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the General Faculty.

a.       Statutes Committee (Ms. Jeanne Balsam). 2/22/12, 2/28/12, 3/13/12, 3/20/12, 3/28/12, 4/3/12, 4/10/12. No action items that have not been covered above.

9.      Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the Academic Faculty.

a.       Undergraduate Curriculum: (Prof. Jerry Seitzman) 4/28/12, 3/13/12, 3/20/12, 4/3/12, 4/17/12
Action Items:  From 3/13: Math – modification to course descriptions for Math 1502/1512/1522/15X2; Management – 3 new courses & new certificate in Business Law and Ethics; CEE – 1 new course; AE – 1 course deactivation; Appl. Physiology – change in the prerequisites and course description for APPJ 4200; LCC – modification in the Performance Studies minor concerning course requirements and a reduction to 15 credit hours required; ME – modification in the BSME, involving making the course requirements more flexible .  From 4/17: Biology – 1 new course; ISyE – revised course prerequisites for 6 courses; Modern Languages – modification to the Linguistics Certificate, involving course requirements, + 1 new course and 1 deactivated; MSE – revised course prerequisites for 7 courses; CoA-City & Regional Planning – 1 new course; CoC-CS – modification in the BSCS degree and the CS Minor, involving changing the name of the Platforms thread to Systems & Architecture, and related concentration names + 5 new courses; Economics, Public Policy, & Chemistry & Biochemistry – modification in the Energy Systems Minor, involving course requirements; ME – modifications in the BSME degree, involving  changes in course requirements, grade requirements, introduction of concentration areas, and 3 new courses; LCC – proposal to change the name of LCC to School of Literature, Media, and Communication; Management and CoC – new Minor in Computing and Management requiring 22 credit hours and a problem-focused capstone project; Management – 5 new courses.

b.      Graduate Curriculum: (Prof. Jonathan Clarke) 3/8/12, 4/12/12
Action Items: From 3/8: CoC – modification in the MS in Computer Science, involving changes in course requirements for three concentrations, which are Databases & Software Engineering, Machine Learning, and Social Computing; HTS – 1 new course & 1 deactivation; LCC – 1 new course and a modification in the MS in Digital Media, involving course requirements; Applied Physiology – 1 new course; AE – 1 new course .  From 4/12: CoC – modification to the High Performance Computing concentration for the MS in Computer Science, involving course options and 1 new course; CoC-IC, LCC, & Psychology – modification to the MS in Human Computer Interaction involving course requirements and options in a flexible core and  + 6 new courses; LCC – proposal to rename LCC as the School of Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC); Applied Physiology – modification to the MS in Prosthetics and Orthotics, involving changes in course requirements + 3 new courses; Management – modification to the MBA degree showing the major as Business Administration instead of Management; CoA-Architecture – 2 new courses; CoA-City & Regional Planning – 6 new courses; CoA-Industrial Design – 3 new courses; CETL – 4 new courses; Economics – reactivation of the doctoral thesis course listing; ISyE – modification to the MS Health Systems degree, involving a new track in predictive health.

c.       Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee: (Prof. Craig Tovey) 3/13/12
Action Items: Revised proposals for changes in 1) the Freshman Admission Statement and 2) Procedures for Excused Absences for the Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee

10.  Any other business.


Ronald A. Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

April 19, 2012