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Tuesday, April 26, 2011, 3:00-5:00 pm

Student Center Theater




1.      Call to order and opening remarks President Peterson

2.      Approval of Minutes of previous meetings February 15, 2011.

3.   Presentation and approval of degree candidates for spring graduation Ms. Reta Pikowsky, Registrar

4.   Updates to the Course/Instructor Opinion Survey (CIOS) Dr. Donna Llewellyn, Director of CETL

5.   Proposed changes in Facilities Use policies and procedures Ms. Jeanne Balsam, Acting Chair of the Statutes Committee

Explanatory Presentation
Proposed new text for the Faculty Handbook
Old text

6.   Proposed change to the Faculty Handbook Section 14.3.3 to resolve some unintended issues introduced in a change approved in February. Ms. Jeanne Balsam, Acting Chair of the Statutes Committee

7.   Proposed changes to the Faculty Handbook Section 5.10 concerning Procedures for Removal of Faculty Members to bring Georgia Tech Statutes in line with Board of Regents Policy 8.3.9 and Ms. Jeanne Balsam, Acting Chair of the Statutes Committee.

8.      Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the General Faculty.

a.   Statutes Committee (Ms. Jeanne Balsam). 3/1/11, 4/4/11, 4/20/11. No action items that have not been covered above.

9.   Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the Academic Faculty.

a.   Undergraduate Curriculum: (Dr. George Riley) 2/22/11, 3/8/11, 3/22/11, 4/5/11, 4/19/11, & 4/26/11
Action Items:  From 3/22: CEE 2 new courses & 1 deactivated; CoA-Industrial Design 1 new course; ISyE modification in the BS in Industrial Engineering to change computing course requirements; Public Policy 1 new course & deactivation of the Certificate in Leadership due to the existence of a Minor in Leadership Studies; CoC modification to the BS in Computer Science concerning required courses when certain choices in threads are made; BME modification in the BS in Biomedical Engineering concerning course requirements and one minimum grade requirement  + 2 new courses; AE 3 new courses; LCC modification to the degree BS in Science, Technology, and Culture concerning another course option in ethics topics, modification in the Minor in Women, Science, and Technology to change one course requirement and improve the description of requirements, and updates to the descriptions of 2 poetry courses.  From 4/19: Econ. 2 new courses; CoA-Indus. Design 12 new courses; ChBE 5 new courses + modification to the BS in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering for the Standard Option and Biotechnology Option, involving changes in course requirements and more credit hours for capstone course(s); Pub.Pol. 33 new courses & 36 deactivations; Math modification in the BS in Discrete Mathematics, involving changes in course requirements; MSE change in the Minor in Material Science and Engineering, reducing the required hours to 15; CoC modification in the BS in Computer Science for the Information Internetworks Thread, involving changes in course requirements; Mgt. 2 new courses + a change in name of the Operations Management certificate to Operations and Supply Chain Management; Biology modification to the BS in Biology with Research Option, involving a change in a course requirement + modification to the BS in Biology (in all cases) involving changes in required courses + discontinuation of cross-listing of Math 4755 and Biology 4755. From 4/26: CoS Modification to course requirements for BS with Business Option while still making it possible to achieve this option with 15 hours of credits, and add the BS in Biochemistry degree to the existing list of BS programs for which this option is currently approved.

b.   Graduate Curriculum: (Dr. Julie Babensee) 3/10/11 & 4/14/11
Action Items: From 3/10: Mgt grandfathering of 39-Hour GT dual degree MBA students already admitted, with no further students admitted to this program after March 15, 2011; Degree modification for all graduate programs requiring all PhD students entering on or after Fall 2011 and all research-based MS students entering on or after Fall 2012 to complete Responsible Conduct in Research training, some of which is to be online and some in person; CoA-School of Architecture 3 new courses; CoA-Industrial Design 1 new course and possible undergraduate equivalent; HST 1 new course and identified undergraduate equivalent; CEE 1 new course; MSE 8 new courses; CoA-Building Construction 2 new courses.  From 4/14: Pub.Pol. 1 new course & 1 deactivated; CoA-Bldg.Constr. new PhD with major in Building Construction; MSE modification in the PhD with major in Materials Science and Engineering to complete the integration of the curricula of the predecessor schools of MSE and PTFE, and also offering a track for hard materials and one for soft materials; CoC modification in the MS in Computer Science adding two new specializations, Information Security and Visual Analytics with specified core course requirements for each (including 4 new courses); BME 16 new courses & 16 deactivations; Mgt. modification in the MBA degree with changes in course requirements + 3 new courses & 3 deactivations; Math 1 new course.

c.   Student Regulations Committee: (Dr. Chuck Parsons) 3/31/11
Action Items: From 3/31:

         Elimination of re-examination to remove a single deficiency necessary for graduation

         Course catalog amendments to support the Student-Faculty Expectations document that has been approved by GT faculty and students

         Approval of the revised Facilities Use policy covered in agenda item 5.

10.   Any other business.


Ronald A. Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

April 26, 2011