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Tuesday, April 21, 2009, 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Student Center Theater




1.      Call to order, introductions, and other preliminaries (West)

2.   Remarks by Georgia Tech’s new President Peterson.

3.      Approval of Minutes of previous meetings – February 10, 2009.

4.      New Procedures for Academic Program Review and Curriculum Revision (Paraska)
Proposed Handbook Revision (White)

5.   Proposed faculty resolution in support of campus volunteerism (Marder)

6.   Presentation and approval of degree candidates for spring graduation (Reta Pikowsky)

7.   Annual Report of the Faculty Athletics Representative (Schrage)

8.   Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the Academic Faculty.

a.   Undergraduate Curriculum: (Tone) 2/11/09, 2/25/09, 3/11/09, 3/25/09, 4/8/09
Action Items:  From 2/11: EAS – 1 new course, 6 new tracks in an EAS minor that students outside EAS can earn (tracks are Ocean Sciences, Environmental Science, Environmental Chemistry, Earth System Physics, Meteorology, and Climate Change), and a modification of the capstone option; LCC – changes in Women, Science, and Technology Minor reducing required hours from 18 to 15 and setting elective options; ISyE – 2 new courses; BME – cross-listing of Biomedical Instrumentation with ChBE, ECE, & ME and an approved course substitution in Technical Communication; Mgt – change 1 course title and number.  From 3/11: Biology – 6 new Certificates (Biomedical Science, Biomolecular Technology, Computational & Quantitative Biology, Environmental Science, Marine Science, Integrative Biology) along with course requirements for each; Biology/ME/MSE/PTFE/ISyE – new course in Biologically Inspired Design; AE – changes to the AE minor, reducing the hours from 18 to 15, removal of tracks, and removal of 2 prerequisites; ME – 2 new NRE courses, 1 deactivated NRE course, modifications to NRE degree requirements and course prerequisites; LCC – modification of Research Option requirements concerning thesis writing; CoC – 1 new course and modifications to thread picks; CETL – 4 new courses; approval of guidelines on limitations on petitions for late term withdrawals and on limitations on petitions for late course withdrawals (selective withdrawals).  From 3/25: LCC – 3 new courses with prerequisite specified; Office of Undergraduate Studies – 2 new courses in the ThinkBig@Tech program that are non-billable, non-credit courses in support of the Living Learning Communities program providing enrichment opportunities for Tech students; Music – 1 new course in History of Jazz; approval of new guidelines re meeting minimum requirements for core courses.

b.   Graduate Curriculum: (Parker) 2/26/09, 4/9/09
Action Items: From 2/26: CETL – 1 new course; EAS – 1 new course; ChBE – 1 new course; ISyE – 1 new course.  From 4/9: MSE – new joint PhD degree with Peking University’s Department of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology in China; CoC Computer Science – new offering via distance learning of MS in Information Security; ISyE – 1 new course; and modifications to the MS in Health Systems involving required courses in methodology, health systems, and electives in health systems and finance/management for a total of 30 hours; ME – 2 new courses.

c.   Student Regulations: (Streator) 3/5/09
Action Items: Changes in regulations concerning dead week.

9.      Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the General Faculty.

a.       Faculty Benefits Committee (Cothran). 2/4/09. No action items.

b.   Welfare and Security Committee (Bob Pikowsky). 3/10/09. 
Action Items: Recommended change in smoking policy.

10.  Any other business.


Ronald A. Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

April 21, 2009