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Tuesday, May 1, 2007, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater





1.      Opening Remarks by the President.

2.      Approval of Minutes of previous meetings – February 27, 2007.

3.   Annual Report of the Faculty Athletics Representative (Schrage)

4.      Report on the Status of Georgia Tech’s NCAA Re-Certification (Paraska)

5.      Proposed changes to the Statutes and Faculty Handbook to implement additions to the General Faculty (Griffin)
a. Presentation        b. Detailed wording      c. Background on Athletic Affairs Professionals     d. Background on Post Doctoral Fellows

6.   Presentation and approval of degree candidates for spring graduation (Pikowsky)

7.   Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the Academic Faculty.

a.   Student Regulations: 2/22/07, 3/29/07  (Streator)
Action Items: From 2/22: New rule governing cross-enrollment in language classes for International Plan; rule limiting going back to a D-grade when a second attempt at a course results in F; rule for attending class requiring registration or instructor permission; rules for seniors taking graduate courses and obtaining graduate level credit; From 3/29:Proposed change in rules governing choice by students to take a course pass/fail.

b.   Undergraduate Curriculum: 2/21/07, 2/28/07, 3/14/07, 3/28/07, 4/4/07, 4/18/07  (Benkeser)
Action Items:  From 2/21: Psych.: Degree BS in Applied Psychology changed to BS in Psychology, 1 new course, prereq. change, changes in degree reqs.; AE: new courses, degree reqs. change, and prereqs. change; International Plan: 2 new courses; CEE: new degree designator, 2 new courses, degree reqs. change; ModL: new courses, deactivated courses, change in reqs. for minor; Biol.: new courses, degree reqs. change; Pub.Pol.: change in minor and pre-law reqs.  From 3/28: ME: 2 new courses; BME: new minimum grade reqs.; ModL: 4 new courses; HTS: participate in research option; Mgt.: change in degree reqs.  From 4/18: Pub.Pol.: 1 new course; Psych.: participate in International Plan; EAS: participate in International Plan; .

c.       Graduate Curriculum: 3/15/07 & 4/26/07  (Green)
Action Items: From 3/15: ISyE: 5 new courses and 3 renamed; Pub.Pol.: new certificate in Public Policy, 6 courses deactivated, 2 renamed, 1 new course; AE: 4 new courses; Appl.Physiol.: 1 new course; IntA: new PhD in Intl. Affairs, Science, and Technology, 2 new courses; Mgt: MS-Management of Technology changes name to MBA-Management of Technology, change in degree reqs., 10 new courses, deactivate 5, several renamed;  CoC, CoE, and CoS joint request: new PhD and MS in Computational Science and Engineering, jointly administered by the 3 colleges; clarifications on transfer credit policies; clarification of no minimum number of hours of dissertation work.  From 4/26: Mgt: change in course required for MBA; Mgt: reduce hours required for dual degree in Technology Leadership (from 40 to 30 hrs); Pub. Pol. new course; request from CoC for new PhD in Robotics, along with new courses; BME: new course.

d.   Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee: 8/30/06, 10/31/06, 2/8/07, 4/11/07.  No Action items.  (Omiecinski)

8.      Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the General Faculty.

a.      Academic Services Committee 1/7/07, 2/15/07, 3/15/07  (Donnell)

9.      Any Other Business.


Ronald A. Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

April 30, 2007


Links to read ahead material will be provided as available.