Tuesday, November 17, 2009, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater




1.      Call to order and opening remarks (President Peterson)

2.   Changes to the current leadership structure within the central administration and the provost’s search (President Peterson)

3.      Approval of minutes of previous meeting – October 20, 2009

4.   Presentation of Degree Candidates (Ms. Reta Pikowsky, Registrar)

5.   A Georgia Tech Information Security Policy Update
(Mr. Herb Baines, Director Information Security, OIT)

6.   Presentation of a plan to create a School of Computational Science and Engineering within the College of Computing
(Dr. Richard Fujimoto, Chair of the Computational Science & Engineering Division of the College of Computing)

7.      Presentation of pending minutes and action items of Standing Committees of the Academic Senate.

a.       Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (Prof. George Riley)
Minutes: 10/27/09, 11/3/09, 11/10/09
Action items: From 10/27: Approval of an amendment in the Guidelines for Undergraduate Minors and the Catalog description of the minor.  From 11/3: INTA – 2 new courses, 2 courses deactivated, modifications to the degrees BS in International Affairs, BS in International Affairs and Modern Language, and BS in Economics and International Affairs involving a changes in the introductory course in international affairs careers and capstone courses.

b.   Graduate Curriculum Committee (Prof. Julie Babensee)
Minutes 11/5/09
Action items: From 11/5: INTA – 1 new course and 1 deactivation, changes in the MS in International Affairs including 4 tracks of which the student chooses 2, redesign of Empirical Research Methods course; and also changes in the PhD with a major in International Affairs, Science and Technology including 4 tracks of which the student chooses 2, a required oral defense of a Science and Technology paper, demonstration of oral speaking proficiency (in addition to reading) in a foreign language, and changes in various required hours;  Mgt – blanket granting of exceptions to current limits on number of Pass/Fail hours for the current cohort with understanding that permanent changes will be recommended and approved.

c.       Student Regulations (presentation to be made by Ms. Reta Pikowsky, Registrar – on behalf of the committee and its chair, Dr. Jeff Streator)
Minutes: 11/4/09, 11/11/09
Action items:

From 11/11:

·         New rule on examinations for advanced standing in languages.

·         Change in the name of Dead Week and the policies pertaining to it

·         Changes in the Student Code of Conduct to keep current with feasible appeals processes.

8.      Any Other Business.




Ronald A Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

November 17, 2009


Attachments will be added as available