Academy Integrity Committee

Annual Report 2012-2013



Tom Morley (Chair), Math

Jeff Davis, ECE

Elliot Moore, ECE

Chris Harless , HAC Representative

Peter Paquette (Director), Student Integrity Office

Bandi Williams, Student Integrity Office

Michael Mosgrove, Student Government Association

Ken Cunefare (Executive Board Liaison), ME



Committee Mission

During this year, the history of this committee was discussed including past work of the committee and creation/ownership of the sanctioning model. There were various discussions regarding this committee's role in serving as an overarching adviser to OSI, HAC and Student Honor Committee.


Graduate Student Sanction Models

The committee discussed several issues related to graduate students. In particular whether external grants/fellowships, immigration status, effect on professional reputation etc., ought to or ought not to have an effect on sanctions. Historically any such secondary and indirect implications are not a part of the sanctioning model.


Mitigating Circumstances in Sanction Models

Historically, the committee has avoided any explicit listing of mitigating circumstances, and any considerations in the sanctioning model of secondary and indirect consequences.  The committee decided to continue this paradigm during recommendations for this year.