Academic Integrity Committee

2008-2009 Annual Report


The Academic Integrity Committee was relatively inactive during the 2008-2009 academic year, in large measure due to early upheaval within the Office of Student Integrity, and the ongoing deterioration of its condition.


At our first meeting, in September, the Chair of the Integrity Committee agreed to work with the Director of OSI to communicate with faculty regarding the need to participate in the integrity process and to cooperate with OSI personnel in resolving cases.  Those plans were shelved as the Director of OSI stepped down, her replacement was hired, and then the one remaining Judicial Coordinator was let go. 


The Chair of the Integrity Committee participated in the process of hiring the new Director, and in the subsequent (unsuccessful) attempt to hire an Assistant Director.


The second and last meeting of the Committee during 2008-2009 was mostly for information: we received a report from the new Director of OSI.  One paragraph from the minutes of that meeting is especially salient, in light of subsequent events:


Kirkman suggested that there are only two courses of action available: either revise the Code of Conduct or fund and support OSI to a level adequate to handle its case load under the existing Code of Conduct.  Kirkman noted that there is unlikely to be much support among faculty for changing the Code of Conduct, given that it was revised so recently.


Our work for the first part of 2009-10 is now set: to advise the Student Rules and Regulations Committee as they consider the changes made to the Code of Conduct over the summer.