Minutes Academic Integrity

November 13, 2012


Present:  Michael Mosgrove (SGA), Jeff Davis (ECE faculty), Peter Paquette (Asst Dean Stu-Dir Stu Integrity), Ken Cunefare (Exec Board Liaison), Thomas Elliot (via skype)


Professor Cunefare from the Executive Board raised questions regarding the committee’s purpose and recent accomplishments. -Discussion regarding this committee's role in serving as an overarching adviser to OSI, HAC and Student Honor Committee looking at theoretical perspectives.  Committee discussed last year the committee met just once due to OSI director transitions and items not brought to them for review/action.  History of this committee was discussed including past work of the committee and creation/ownership of sanctioning model.  Discussion of concern last year that a number of cases were overturned in appeal to the Dean of Students.  Paquette shared that appeals overall are down this year and that pattern has not been a concern thus far this semester -Paquette shared that Jessica Siemer is new HAC chair [note David Bucknall is new Honor Committee chair] both should be added to committee list –


Agenda Items for year were identified

1.       Create a list of "subject matter experts" for hearing officers/panels to call on when need to discuss a topic

2.       Participate in OSI's internal and external process review beginning spring 2013


Prepared by       Morley, Thomas

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