Academic Integrity Committee

Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2008


Present were Robert Kirkman (chair), Tom Michaels, Elliot Moore (by phone), Sarah Graham, Ericka McGarity, Carol Senf; Jianmin Qu, Elijah Riddle.


Action Items

1.      Robert Kirkman was re-elected Chair of the committee by acclamation.


Points of Discussion

1.      After discussion with Elliot Moore, the committee agreed to work on the relationship between the Savannah and Atlanta campuses with regard to student integrity.  Anecdotal evidence suggests faculty at the Savannah campus tend to handle minor incidents on their own.

2.      Following up on the work from last year regarding the faculty guide to the integrity process, Kirkman and McGarity agreed to make a presentation to the Associate Deans of the various colleges.  They also agreed to work on video versions of the faculty guide, one for faculty and one for students.

3.      The committee agreed something should be added to the faculty guide regarding faculty liability should they handle cases of academic dishonesty on their own, without the participation of OSI.

4.      Kirkman agreed to write a short blurb about the work of the committee for the academic integrity newsletter from OSI.