Minutes of the Academic Integrity Committee

22 February 2013


Attending: Tom Morley, Jeff Davis, Chris Harless (HAC Representative), Peter Paquette (Student Integrity), Bandi Williams (Student Integrity), Michael Mosgrove (Student Government Association), Ken Cunefare (Executive Board Liaison)


The committee discussed several issues related to Graduate Students.  In particular whether external grants/fellowships, immigration status, effect on professional reputation etc., ought to or ought not to have an effect on sanctions. Historically any such secondary and indirect implications are not a part of the sanctioning model.


This discussion was broadened by HAC and others to a general discussion of secondary and indirect consequences of sanctioning model on students in general and also the possibility of making explicit possible mitigating circumstances to the sanctioning model.


Again, historically, the committee has avoided any explicit listing of mitigating circumstances, and any considerations in the sanctioning model of secondary and indirect consequences.  The committee decided not to do so now.