Academic Integrity Committee

Annual Report


Members: Jeff Davis (ECE), Elliot Moore (ECE), Tom Morley (Mathematics, Committee Chair), Blake Leland (LMC), Ravi Patel (Student Honor Advisory Council Chair), Lucy Tucker (Undergraduate Student), Marcel Said (Graduate Student), Ken Cunefare (ME and Executive Board Liaison)

The academic integrity committee met once last year, and conducted various business via EMAIL.

The committee suspended some operations when the previous Assistant Dean of Students & Director, Office of Student Integrity left and the position was filled on an interim basis.

The committee recommended the following addition to the sanctioning model. Note that this was not in any way intended as as criticism of the then current Assistant Dean of Students & Director, Office of Student Integrity.

Note that any finding of responsibility can have secondary and/or indirect consequences, including, but not limited to eligibility for extracurricular activities or organization participation, financial aid and employment both at GT and elsewhere. Such secondary and/or indirect consequences are not a part of the sanctioning model.

Submitted by Prof. Tom Morley, Chair

September 25, 2012