Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater




1.     Call to Order and Opening Remarks President Peterson

2.     Approval of minutes of previous meeting October 18, 2016

3.     Institute Awards Committee presentation and report Professor Emeritus Robert Nerem and Ms. Gail Spatt

4.   Presentation of Degree Candidates Ms. Reta Pikowsky, Registrar

5.     Report of the Faculty Athletics Representative, Prof. Reginald Desroches

6.     Classroom Scheduling Task Force presentation Co-chairs Prof Joe Hughes and Dr. Steven Girardot

7.     Approval of minutes and action items of Standing Committees of the Academic Faculty Senate

a.      Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Prof. Rhett Mayor, Chair          

Minutes: 11/08/16                          Presentation

Action items: From 11/08: Mod Lang: new course; Psychology: new course; Mathematics: degree modification, minor modification; Chemistry and Biochemistry: degree modification-BS Chem, degree mod-BS Biochem, minor mod Biochemistry, minor mod Chemistry, degree mod-BS Chem (Pre-Health Concentration), degree mod-BS Biochem; Pub Policy: collaborative program GT-GSU College of Law for BS/JD Dual Degree program, neww certificate in Intellectual Property, new course; ME: degree mod-BSME; Bldg Construction: new course, certificate mod-Construction Management; Biological Sciences and Psychology: new subject code NEUR and new courses, new degree BS in Neuroscience.

b.     Institute Graduate Curriculum Committee Prof. David Sluss, Vice Chair

Minutes: 11/03/16                           Presentation

Action Items: From 11/03: School of Building Construction new degree Master of Real Estate Dev, one new course; CoC, CoE, and CoS: new degree Doctor of Philosophy with a major in Machine Learning.

8.     Any other business.



Jeanne H. Balsam

Secretary of the Faculty

November 14, 2016