Welfare and Security Committee

Draft Minutes

January 9, 2004

9:00AM, Van Leer Room 218



WSC Members Present: Lionel Lemarchand (ModL), Jane Weyant, (COE), Gail Palmer (ECE), Frank Lambert (ECE), Chair, Mary Ann Ingram (ECE), Tom Akins (DOPP), and Barbara Henry (Executive Board)


Staff Present: Teresa Crocker, Director of Security & Police


1.      The Minutes of our December 5, 2003 were approved as submitted.


2.      The initial meeting of the Campus-wide Committee to address the issue of “Motorized Carts on Campus” will be held later this month.   Jane Weyant will represent W&S on this committee.


3.      Chief Crocker provided the map of the existing Emergency Call Box locations.  The Parents Association’s grant of $25,000 to add approximately eight new call boxes is still pending.  This could become an annual allotment to continue to upgrade campus security.


4.      Chief Crocker provided a report on several initiatives to address campus crime / safety:

  • A campus-wide committee is in the process of reviewing building security / access control.  They are reviewing crime statistics and recommending specific actions to address the problem areas.
  • The GT Police will be transitioning to a Community Policing Program during the first six months of 2004.  Officers will be assigned to all academic and housing buildings and be more visible to the staff and students.
  • The Homeland Security initiative is being led by Bob Lang.  He is working with Building Managers to be able to take charge during emergencies.  An Emergency Operations Center is planned for Tech Square to provide command and control using ICS (Incident Command System).


5.      The “voluntary” crime orientation sessions provided by the GT Police have not been well attended.  We discussed several possibilities to include this information in existing orientation programs for new students.  The committee agreed to continue investigate possible ways to accomplish this.


6.      Bob Furniss was not able to attend the meeting.  We plan to finalize the Parking and Transportation Facts and Issues document at our next meeting and make a presentation to the Academic Senate and General Faculty Assembly on February 3rd at 3:00PM.


7.      Our next meeting will be held on Friday, January 30th, at 9:00AM.