Student Activities Committee Minutes

May 15, 2002


             I.      Call to Order : 3:10pm


Present: Brent Carter (Faculty member, chair), Mary-Frances Panettiere (Faculty member), Tom Morley (Faculty member), Danielle McDonald (Student Affairs, secretary), Justin Evans (USC representative), Sang Min Jeong (Joseph) (GSS representative), Daniel Lane (JCOC, Student Government)


Absent: Chris Jarrett (Faculty member), Sang Min Jeong (Joseph) (GSS representative), Daniel Baldwin (Faculty member)


          II.      Approval of Minutes of February 20, 2002


Justin Evans moved and Joseph Jeong seconded the motion to approve the minutes.


Unanimous vote


       III.      Old Business


No Old Business


        IV.      New Business


Approval of JCOC Policy


Daniel Lane reviewed policy changes. Major changes as follows:

      Reorganized the Policy from three policies into one.

      Clarified that students from allied or affiliated Institutions could be involved in GT student organizations if they pay student activities fees to GT. (This was added to reflect SGA constitution

      Added sexual orientation to non-discrimination policy

      Changed eligibility requirements to say that students are eligible for participation as defined by the GT Student Handbook (that way if the handbook qualifications change, JCOC policy will automatically reflect that)

      Added requirement that constitutions include procedures for selecting and removing advisors

      Added additional document requirements for Publications and Sports Clubs (already require these, needed it in writing)

      Changed time frame for submitting charter applications and charter deadlines and length of pending status

      Gave IFC, Panhellenic, and NPHC the sole authority to charter social fraternities and sororities

      Clarified and added precharter suspension and termination clauses

      Clarified that all student organizations must follow all Institute, state, local policies and laws

      Added that spouses of GT alumni, faculty, staff, and students are eligible for membership in an organization

      Added who is the arbitrator and mediator of Constitution Interpretation

      Included new Conduct Code for Disciplinary Procedures for Student Organizations

      Added that JCOC may suspend a charter

      Added that two years of inactivity will result in automatic revocation of a charter

      Clarified Revocation Process

      Added Policy on how Organizations and Greeks are notified of Policy changes


Brent Carter made a motion to amend the policy to Article II Section 1 C7 read that amendments should take effect upon approval by SAC and that amendments to constitutions for the purpose of abiding by policy changes become effective when JCOC approves them subject to SAC approval


Danielle McDonald said that she was having legal look into whether faculty of affiliated institutions could serve as advisors to organizations.


Joseph moved and Justin seconded the motion to approve JCOC policy changes with the additional changes stipulated above and with the caveat that if legal gave a decision regarding faculty of affiliated institutions that the new JCOC policy would reflect this recommendation.


(Since that time, Kate Wasch in legal has advised that faculty of affiliated institutions may not serve as advisors to GT student organizations because they are not covered by Tech insurance.)


Unanimous Vote


It was recommended that the secretary start sending SAC minutes to the JCOC chair

It was also recommended that there be an informational session offered on the new policy and that a new Constitution Checklist be created.


Daniel Lane and Danielle McDonald informed SAC that charter applications would be reviewed this summer, and that SGA gave JCOC the temporary privileges to only approve charters this summer. JCOC would meet in July to approve charters and SAC would meet at the end of July. This was done to meet the needs of all the pending organizations who have been waiting for at least a year to get chartered while we dealt with policy revisions.


Meeting adjourned at 4:20.