Welfare and Security Committee



April 29, 2004

9:00AM, Van Leer Room W218




WSC Members Present: Lionel Lemarchand (ModL), Gail Palmer (ECE), Frank Lambert (ECE), Chair, Tom Akins (DOPP, and Barbara Henry (Executive Board)


Guests: Sheila Schulte, International Education; Gail Potts and Maureen Kilroy, Graduate Studies; and Teresa Crocker, Security & Police


1.      The minutes of our February 20 , 2004 meeting were approved as submitted.


2.      Crime Awareness for Graduate Students

Sheila Schulte, Gail Potts and Maureen Kilroy were invited to help brainstorm ideas to improve the crime awareness for graduate and international students.  The goal is to inform and raise awareness to prevent students from becoming crime victims without “scaring them”.


The following ideas were discussed:

·        Formal Orientation – Brief spot for Crime Awareness

·        Extended Orientation for International Students – opportunity to engage in discussion with smaller student groups

·        Virtual Orientation on website – opportunity for crime awareness information

·        Written material could be developed and distributed to students

·        Try to incorporate personal experiences from international students as crime victims – consider video clips for web, written materials, and live presentations in extended orientation sessions

·        Graduate Coordinators Meeting – opportunity for networking with graduate coordinators in each School to arrange for crime awareness sessions for small groups


3.      Motorized Carts on Campus

A proposal to address the issue is under review by legal.


4.      Our next meeting will be planned to review the Campus Master Plan Presentation.