Annual Report


        2001 - 2002




The Members of the Committee: Tom Akin(CO-OP), Mary Ann Ingram (ECE), Frank Lambert (ECE), Lionel Lemarchand (ModL), Carole Moore (ACAD SVC), Chair, Gail Palmer (ECE), Stephen Popick (UG Stu), Barbara Henry (GTRI), ex officio



The Committee met on the following dates:  8/20, 9/24, 10/22, 12/3, 1/14, 2/11, 4/12, 4/22 and 5/13


Members of the committee served on the following groups:


-                      Campus Safety Task Force

-                      Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee

-                      Crisis Management Task Force


During fall term the Committee continued to examine its function and scope. After discussion with members of the Executive Board, it was agreed that the Committee assess needs through existing faculty committees and task forces.  It would then determine if issues and concerns are being addressed, and, if not make recommendations to the Executive Board for possible actions.


Other areas of focus for the year included:


- improve communication with the Executive Board


-                      following through on the child development center with Chuck Donbaugh from the Office of Human Resources


-                      the structure of the Parking and Transportation Committee and the participation of faculty in policy and decision making


-                      began exploration of the charge from the Executive Board regarding mentoring to support faculty from under-represented groups


-                      extensive discussion on issues related to faculty governance.  The committee will make recommendation to the Executive Board in Fall 2002.


The Committee members were very dedicated and discharged their assignments diligently.  The Committee is now poised for an extremely productive year in 2002-2003.