Student Activities Committee Minutes

February 20, 2002



Members Present: Brent Carter (Faculty member, chair), Mary-Frances Panettiere (Faculty member), Tom Morley (Faculty member), Danielle McDonald (Student Affairs, secretary), Justin Evans (USC representative),


Members Absent: Chris Jarrett (Faculty member), Sang Min Jeong (Joseph) (GSS representative), Daniel Baldwin (Faculty member)




             I.      Approval of Minutes of September 4, 2002


Mary-Frances moved and Tom Morley seconded the motion to approve the minutes with corrections of typos.


Unanimous vote


          II.      Old Business


Charter Approvals


Speech and Debate Team: Rep: Katie Saliba

Tabled:  No representative


Zeta Phi Beta Rep: Kali Fox Miller


Add (A GT Student Organization) to Article I, add the criteria to membership that members must be female and be currently enrolled at GT; specify national and State Dues in Article 4 section 4c; add Chapter and NPHC dues to Article 4 Section 4d; identify what vote it takes to get elected in Article 8 (rep stated it would be a plurality with basilues breaking the tie); specify that the vote to remove officers in Article 6 section 8 is 2/3 majority of entire voting members;  include in Article 8 that nominations occur at one meeting and voting occurs at the next meeting, and newly elected officers take office the beginning of the next semester; add that proposals to amend the constiution will be distributed in writing by mail or email.


Danielle McDonald moved and Mary-Frances seconded the motion to approve the charter with agreed upon changes to the constitution


Unanimous vote


         III.      New Business


1.  Charter Approvals

Lambda Theta Alpha Rep: Amanda Pardo

Tabled: No representative


2.  Constitution Amendments


Christian Campus Fellowship



Correct typos, define “these students” in Article II, add in attendance to last line of Article IV, identify what vote it takes to make constitutional amendments in Article VII.


Tom Morley moved and Justin Evans seconded the motion to approve amendments to the constitution (with agreed upon changes to the constitution)

Unanimous vote


3.      Executive Committee Operational Changes



*Need to get end of the year reports from Administers of Student Activities Units

*Set the End of July for the deadline

*Units needing reports from:

Housing, Publications, Greek Affairs, Intramurals, Student Center, Campus Recreation, Student Organizations

*Need all policies and regulations concerning student activities and any changes to the policies.


Brent will call all the administrators of these departments and follow up with an email memo to them.


4.      JCOC questions about “fulltime students”

Discussion:  At some point we started requiring organizations to include in their constitutions that students had to be fulltime in order to participate.  The GT Catalog however says that a person has to be registered for at least 6 credit hours in order to participate.  However, this is not full time.


What to do about all current and past constitutions? 

a.       Have JCOC policy reflect that fulltime means whatever eligibility requirements GT has.

b.      Danielle needs to email all presidents and advisors the change


What about summer?  If the students aren’t registered can they participate?

c.       Have JCOC look at this in their policy


5.      Handbook questions about Probation status


Dean Boyd brought to SAC the question of whether we should change the policy that students on academic and disciplinary probation cannot participate in student activities.


The issues are:

- Academic probation is neither enforceable nor enforced currently

- However students do need to concentrate on their studies

- Disciplinary probation takes away all the avenues for students to express their stress in positive ways


Ideas:  Change the policy so that students on disciplinary probation cannot represent GT.  This would include as officers in an organization, in intercollegiate competition, and spokespersons for the Institute


Challenge:  How to clearly define this.


Action:  Danielle will write up some wording suggestions and send them out to the committee for it review, make suggestions and vote on at the next meeting.


6.      Budget Review Committee (must be half students and half faculty)

The budget review committee will consist of Brent Carter, Tom Morley, Justin Evens and Joseph Jeong.


Danielle will schedule a meeting when the budget has been approved by SGA


Meeting adjourned at 2:17pm