Student Activities Committee Minutes

November 19, 2003


Present:  Mary-Frances Panettiere (Faculty Member), Brent Carter (Faculty member, Chair), Linda Cabot (Exec Board Liaison), Tom Morley (Faculty Member), Karen Boyd (Sen. Assoc. Dean of Students – proxy for Danielle McDonald, Buck Cook (representing Greek affairs), Gauran Asthana (Culture Tech rep.)


Absent:  Gregory Abowd (Faculty Member), Danielle McDonald (Student Affairs representative, Secretary), Jude Leblanc (Faculty Member), three student members—not yet appointed


Meeting called to order at 12:50 pm.  Since our Secretary was absent, Mary-Frances Panettiere agreed to take minutes.  Additionally, Karen Boyd (Sr. Assoc. Dean of Students for Student Life) agreed to vote in Danielle’s place as the Student Affairs representative.


I.                    The minutes for October 30, 2003 were approved with the following changes: 


a.       Change the spelling of Mary-Frances’ last name to “Panettiere.”

b.      Add Gregory Abowd (Faculty Member) to the list of those present.

c.       Add Kelsie Fox (Danielle’s assistant) to those present.

d.      Strike “outgoing” from Danielle’s title since she is still the secretary.


II.                 Beautification Day at Tech – tabled since the updated constitution was not supplied.


Culture Tech – Gauran Asthana Acting President present

Tom moved, Mary-Frances seconded, and the Committee unanimously approved to charter, pending the following changes: 


Article IV, Section III, 2:  Add “unless otherwise specified in this document” to the end of the first sentence.  (This change is to avoid contradiction with number 4 in this section.)


Article IV, Section III, 5 needs to have its second sentence changed to “If no candidate receives the majority, the decision will be made by a run-off between the top two candidates.”


Article IV, Section III, 6 needs the word “spring” inserted before the word “semester.”


Article V, Section II needs to be changed to “Annually, the Executive Board with nominate a candidate for advisor.”


Article V, Section III should change to “During officer elections, the organization will vote on the Executive Board’s nominee for Advisor.  The vote must be a 2/3 majority vote of those present in order to confirm the Advisor for the next academic year.  If the person is not approved, repeat Article V, Section II.” 


Article VI needs this sentence added to its end:  “Dues must be paid by the third meeting of the academic year or by the third meeting of membership.”


Zymurgy Society – tabled for lack of a representative

The Committee asked Linda Cabot to obtain the sense of the Executive Board on Georgia Tech’s potential liability if it charters a beer-brewing club with potential underage members.


Campus Outreach – tabled.  Before the meeting, this constitution was deemed to involve too many issues for it to be ready for a vote.


 III.                        Constitutional and Bylaw Amendments

National Pan-Hellenic Council Constitution – Buck Cook Greek Affairs Rep. present

Tom moved, Karen seconded, and the committee unanimously approved the amendments, pending the following change: 


Article VII, Section 2 add “During the spring semester” to the beginning of the sentence.


National Pan-Hellenic Council Bylaws  Buck Cook Greek Affairs Rep. present

Tom moved, Karen seconded, and the committee unanimously approved up through Article IV with the expectation that at our next meeting, the Committee will see a completed Article V with information on meaningful incentive to comply with the membership intake protocol.  This additional section may take the form of “Failure to comply with the above can result in the chapter being put in interim suspension until resolution is achieved through the judicial process.”


  IV.                        Code Changes

Changes to the Conduct Code and Disciplinary Procedures for Student Organizations – Karen Boyd

Tom moved, Mary-Frances seconded, and the committee unanimously approved the amendments.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:00pm.